The Most Exciting iPhone App Update EVER!!

On May 7, 2009

Okay, that title might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration… but not by much.

Seriously, it felt like a relatively slow iPhone app week thus-far but this particular iPhone app update has changed all that for me.

It MADE the week app-wise! Seriously.

I’m not joking.

I’m not joking about this next part either…

Before you read any further go to QuickVoice and purchase the app for $.99.

I’m actually quite serious.

If we have earned any degree of trust here on WOiP TRUST ME NOW!!!! BUY THIS APP.

(Disclaimer- I/we have absolutely NO association with them whatsoever. This is an app I personally bought for myself and I have had no contact with the developer.)

Why should you buy it??? Let me tell you.

Voice to text has come a long way. Jott and reQall work well to take short dictation and transcribe them to text. The accuracy is, overall, quite good.

Google Voice offers free transcription of voicemail. Here too, the accuracy is, overall, quite good.

The ONLY thing holding me back from going Google Voice full-time is the fact that I have been using SpinVox for the past few months and ITS transcription quality is AWESOME.

So tonight I see that there is an update available for QuickVoice. "No biggee" I think to myself. Then I see what it says…













First thought," there you go… no more free desktop software… nice!"

Second thought, "Wow, voice to text, I wonder if it will actually works?"













"You know, I think to myself, if SpinVox is doing the transcription it might actually be decent."

So I update the app on my iPhone, start a new voice note, hold the iPhone a good distance from my mouth and speak. I select the option to have it transcribed and I send it to myself.

And I wait.
And I wait.
And I begin to wonder if it will actually arrive in my inbox.


Then it arrives… AND THE TRANSCRIPTION IS PERFECT!!! (It even includes the points where I mispoke.)














I told you, I wasn’t kidding. This app is the holy grail of voice-notes and, right now, it is $.99. I have a hard time imagining they will be able to keep the transcription service free for very long but for now… this is amazing!