Motion Runner Review – Parkour inspired running game

On May 16, 2012

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Motion Runner Review – Parkour inspired running game

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By: Bert Studios

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-05-13

Developer: Bert Studios

Price: 0.99

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Motion Runner is an odd game for several reasons. The first, how I found it: checking for newly released games. Mind you, even being an app reviewer, I don’t check for new releases very often. But I was slouched in the sofa checking the app store and thought “well, let’s see”.

I found Motion Runner and wanted to try. First problem: I have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen (which is usually worthless for most modern games) and an iPad 1st Gen. For some obscure reason, that I can only link to human mistake, this game requires OpenGL 2 (okay, this one is pretty common) but also front-facing camera, meaning I can’t even use it in my iPad!

Well, luckily I could steal borrow a while a friend’s iPhone 4S and played for 20 or 30 minutes (beating more than 20 levels… it’s quite engaging.) What’s Motion Runner about? Motion Runner is the standard running game (think Canabalt,) with a parkour twist. You can jump, of course. But you can also roll over small benches. In the next update Motion Runner will also have backward wall running and hand-stepping over ledges.

The game is very smooth. But it is hard, and sometimes not very responsive to commands. Motion Runner is played by sliding your finger through the screen (most slides in the right side, to roll.) When you get used to the controls and get lucky with the game detection, the game is awesomely smooth and has a very natural feel to it. When it does not, it feels incredibly frustrating… Meaning this is one of those games you can’t stop playing until you beat them.

I miss some achievements, and an infinite running mode. The game has several running routes and challenges, but an infinite running mode is a must in these kind of games. Also, not needing a front-facing camera is pretty much something that should be addressed ASAP.

In short: It is a neat little game with a lot of promise. As it stands is fun but lacks just a little “something”

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Probably

Learning Curve:High

Who Is It For:iPhone gamers with modern devices

What I Like:Smooth animations and gameplay

What I Don't Like:The "camera required" bug and some move detection problems

Final Statement:Worth a look, future updates promise more exceitement

Read the Developer's Notes:
????? An easy, dynamic, intuitive runner game !!! ?????
• Just flick as you guess and feel. You can run and jump naturally. Believe your intuition.
• The intuitive flick control system was adopted and was optimized for this unique runner game.
• Motion Runner has 20 tracks(stages/routes) including 5 challenging ones.

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But people can fly by using gravity and the laws of motion.
Rhythm it~

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