MultiPong for iPhone Review

On January 20, 2011

App Type: iPhone

MultiPong for iPhone Review

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By: Febo

Version #: 2.1

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Developer: By Febo Studio

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During the 70’s Pong was a very popular game that just about everyone played. There is now a new app for iPad, iPod touch, and the iPhone that has many of the same characteristics of the original version with a few adjustments in an attempt to revamp the old idea (and success). Multipong allows for up to 4 players to play at the same time when playing on the iPad. When playing on either the iPod touch or the iPhone only two players can go it because of the smaller screen.

The graphics on Multipong are very detailed and make you feel as though you are truly playing in real life on a physical table. You are looking down on a board that looks as though it is made of real wood and has metal looking bumpers similar to a pinball game in a bar. You use your finger to hit an iron pinball around and try to score before your opponents do. It is not complex to play but, does become somewhat mundane after a few rounds.

When playing in multiplayer mode it can be difficult to see because everyone else’s hand is in the way. This can be a very frustrating situation (if you did not consume alcohol beforehand). The best way to play is two players on the iPad because then you are able to play without having the screen constantly blocked by someone else’s hand. Multipong is a game that is more exciting when you are playing with friends as there will be a bit of competition rather than just hitting a ball around on the screen by yourself. If you are someone who enjoys playing by yourself there are many different levels for you to conquer but it can get somewhat boring and monotonous after a while.

Overall Multipong is an app with great graphics which is quite entertaining. It is a lot more fun as multiplayer game and will keep you and your friends entertained for a while. When playing with more than two people it’ll be over just as quickly as it began and will take a bit too long for the next game to start. If you enjoy games that involve flashing lights, things exploding, or puzzles to solve this game may not interest you. Overall it was good for a short period but rather quickly lost its luster.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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