My.Agenda Planner – Swiss-army grade agenda, ledger and much more

On August 26, 2013

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My.Agenda Planner – Swiss-army grade agenda, ledger and much more

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By: LightArrow Inc.

Version #: 2.0.2

Date Released: 2013-08-07


Price: 0.99

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Organising our lives in these hectic and frenzied days (just a week short of being back to school) is hard. Agendas, ledgers, picture albums, travel logs, exercise logs. Shall I continue? Have you ever wondered how to log your water intake? Or needed to scribble a drawing in your agenda app and sheepishly found you can’t?

My.Agenda Planner is the mighty, Swiss-army grade agenda app to bind them and put them under your control. All problems solved with just one stroke (or more precisely, with just one app.)

When you purchase My. Agenda Planner, you get a relatively plain agenda and planning app. I say relatively because My.Agenda Planner offers several in-app purchases (more on this later) that make it a formidable agenda, but the agenda-planning powers of a “bare” download of the app are impressive compared with the competition (specially at the price point of 0.99$) Also, the app is beautifully crafted, with ease of adding anything in mind. What would be a clunky interface in other apps, in My.Agenda Planner is just what you need. In case you want extra details, tap “more details.” I specially like the arc-spread menu to add an item, I’ve always thought this kind of menus are underrated (the only other app I can remember with one of these is Path.)

Arc spread menu in My.Agenda Planner

Arc spread menu in My.Agenda Planner

But what makes My.Agenda Planner shine are all the expansion options available as in-app purchases. Let me get this straight: if you purchase all the packages together it will only cost you $3.99 (making the app $4.98) That’s incredibly cheap. I’ll write this down again, it’s incredibly cheap. I usually hate in-app purchases, I usually prefer my apps paid in full. In the particular case of My.Agenda Planner, I think the IAP model might be better. For example, you can purchase a package offering just Event Planning, or Organized Home. You can choose what you want, or buy everything. Personally, I take the everything: why not? It’s not expensive. With the complete package you have an incredibly powerful app. You can create shopping lists, track your expenses with a very capable ledger. You can log your trips and even manage your home assets and the contact details of your service providers (no need to look for that Comcast phone hidden inside the router box in your basement.)

Endless possibilities. You can add a drawing (or a picture, or an audio clip or…) to an agenda item. Precisely record the moment you make a purchase. Plan events – both events you organise and need to tackle down and events you attend as guest – like a pro. With an iPad (or an iPhone, since My.Agenda Planner is a universal app) you can throw away most of the things you need to manage your life.

For such a data and privacy heavy app, My.Agenda Planner offers what we may expect in terms of security, backup and integrations. You have a passcode lock, easy to access from the home screen of the app. You can backup to one of several cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive) or to your email account. And you can integrate with the task list behemoths Evernote, Toodledo and Asana. And it also integrates with Facebook and Twitter for a little social sharing and contact management.

My.Agenda Planner is an incredibly full featured app. Chains together all apps you need to manage your life in a simple and seamless structure. And in case you need even more power, the same developers offer another app to track even more of your life, LifeTopix. I know quite a few data junkies who after trying My.Agenda Planner will also want to try LifeTopix (yes, I’m thinking of you Quantified Self gang.)

PS: Are you still wondering how to track your water intake? With My.Agenda Planner you can do it in the Health and Fitness section, Nutrition log. Just 3 taps away from the home screen.

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Would I Buy Again:No doubt

Learning Curve:Medium. It has a ton of features

Who Is It For:Anyone. Makes tracking things a breeze

What I Like:So many features it's scary

What I Don't Like:It makes me want to throw away my handmade leather notebook

Final Statement:An awesome planner, ledger... An awesome app for everything

Read the Developer's Notes:
An planner and calendar multiple organizer app with appointments, todos, reminders and tasks -- all in one place. Eliminate app hopping with friendly views to help you know at a single glance what’s important today, tomorrow and the next 7 days. Works great with built-in iOS calendar and your online calendars. My.Agenda is a universal app -- buy once and use on all your devices, and optionally purchase the Sync + Share Pack to sync data across your devices.

My.Agenda is a starter version of LifeTopix, the complete organizer app. Start small, and add what you want.

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Know what’s important today, tomorrow, and the next 7 days at a glance. Automatically works with your device’s calendar and reminders, eliminating hopping from app to app. View and manage your checklists or to-do lists, tasks, overdue items and appointments in this easy to read list view -- no need to access your calendar.


??Dynamic, simple and customizable calendar with Day, Week,

Month and Year views. View and manage device reminders, My. Agenda reminders, device events, appointments and tasks directly from the calendar view. Customize the calendar to choose the items that you want to see.


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