myMaya – Review – The secrets of Mayan civilization

On October 15, 2012

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myMaya – Review – The secrets of Mayan civilization

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By: Love Production

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Date Released: 2012-10-03

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There is a lot of mystery that surrounds the ancient race of the Maya. Whether it is crystal skulls, or doomsday predictions, it seems like everyone has an opinion about who the Maya were and what they believed. While the Mayas built magnificent temples all around the meso-american land, This year seems to have put a spot light on another creation of the Mayans; their calendar.

While I will not pretend to be an expert on the Mayan calendar, I understand that it consists of a series of sub-calendars of various lengths that track the various life events of the Mayan people. To a westerner, this calendar can be quick confusing. myMaya is a little app that offers users a look into Mayan culture as well as a way to look at the Mayan calendar from our standard Gregorian style.

The bulk of the myMaya app is a series of essays on the Mayan culture and history. The writing style of these essays takes a more mystic, rather than scientific, look at the culture of these ancient people.

myMaya keeps track of which sections you have read with a check mark which makes it easier to find your place later. Once you are done reading, the app is basically a horoscope that aligns with the Mayan calendar. You choose a birthdate from the calends, or the horoscope slider, and you are given the Mayan name of the day and some advice.

It also gives you the “tone” of a person born on that day. This is similar to the Chinese Zodiac, except with greater variety. Your horoscope and tone can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or Vkontakte (for those in the US, this is a Russian social network site similar to Facebook).

myMaya only costs a buck, and for those that enjoy horoscopes and looking friend’s birthdays up, or is interested in Mayan culture, then you may find this app fun. I would have liked to see more references in the writing, and possibly a more interesting visualization of the Mayan calendar, so its an app you could either take or leave depending on your persuasion.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Probably.

Learning Curve:Easy.

Who Is It For:Fans of horoscopes.

What I Like:Finding Mayan dates using the Gregorian (standard) Calendar.

What I Don't Like:Biased historical information about the Mayan.

Final Statement:Is it the end of the world? See what the Mayan Calendar says.

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