Napoleon HD – Review

On September 20, 2012

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Napoleon HD – Review

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By: IK Media

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-08-29

Developer: IK Media

Price: Free

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While the game claims to stem for Napoleon Bonaparte himself, this is a much debatable and controversial subject. Napoleon HD is a 3D challenging puzzle game that will appeal to players of all ages.

It’s essentially a popular game known as “Solitaire”, “Brainvita,” or “Peg Solitaire” brought to iOS devices, so there is no need to explain how the gameplay progresses.

What is interesting to note would be the way the game board and game pieces are rendered in the game. With the italic font and brown color scheme, Napoleon HD gives off the vibes of the olden western days with a grand visage through the soft and rustic European touches added to the visual effects of the game.

Napoleon HD pits the player against the AI of the app, where multiple levels can be accessed; each with increasing difficulty. The key part to the app lies in beating each stage as quickly as possible, with faster timings being rewarded. Hence, players have less time to think out their moves which adds to the challenge in this game.

For a free app, Napoleon HD gets my thumbs up for download. Players who have never tried peg solitaire before will quickly grasp the concept of the game through this.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Moderate.

Who Is It For:Puzzle fans.

What I Like:The game is beautifully rendered.

What I Don't Like:Lack of mutiplayer function.

Final Statement:An ancient classic, give it a shot.

Read the Developer's Notes:
"Napoleon" - is a funny classic puzzle game for one player, which helps to develop your logic and tactical ability.
The game will bring a lot of fun for both children and adults.

Puzzle, invented by Napoleon, is not so easy as it seems to be at first sight, only few people are able to pass it through. Can you overcome it? Check your tactical abilities and pass it through.
The game is widely known as "Solitaire" in the UK, "Brainvita," "Peg Solitaire" in other countries.
"Napoleon" is a popular ancient intellectual game, which is easy to understand but difficult to overcome.

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