NARR8 Review – A new way to read original comics

On December 16, 2012

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NARR8 Review – A new way to read original comics

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Version #: 1.0.3

Date Released: 2012-11-13

Developer: NARR8 LIMITED

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The major comics publishing companies (DC, Marvel, etc.) have been painfully slow regarding the publication of comics for the digital medium. Usually, their digital comics consist of static scans of existing ones. Enter NARR8, a publishing company and app all in one.

When entering the app, you’re greeting with a lit of various comics and links to other App Store games. While the app recommends either registering or signing in with Facebook, it is not necessary to do so to read the comics. However, by doing so you can sync your comics between devices.

The art and story of each comic varies depending on your personal taste. There are comics starring anthropomorphic animals and there are “Twilight Zone” style comics like Multiverse. All the comics I saw lacked any profanity, nudity or excessive violence that would make them unsafe for children, but in terms of content they seem most geared towards teenagers or pre-teens.

The variety of styles in the application make me hopefully for the future of comics (I’m a life-long reader). While all are motion comics, some are in the form of novels with some pictures and others are in such unique forms as a historical timeline comic about the evolution of the printing press.

After some experience with this app, I find it remarkable and one of my few five-star reviews. Anybody with any interest in comics would learn a lot about the future of this medium by picking up NARR8. At a cost of free, it’s a no-brainer.  I can even see why it’s available for the iPad only, as a smaller screen would lose the full beauty of its creations. Keep in mind that it’s possible that NARR8 will start charging for its individual comics in the future, but for now it’s a free-fest.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Almost certainly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Comics enthusiasts who want to see the future of the medium.

What I Like:Easy interface. Interest and different types of storytelling.

What I Don't Like:Nothing I could find.

Final Statement:For the future of comics, download NARR8.

Read the Developer's Notes:

NARR8 is a unique new channel for entertaining, enlightening, and engrossing series of dynamic motion comics, graphic novels, and even nonfiction. Each series offers an entire universe of episodic content.

NARR8 isn't simply an eBook platform, nor is it simply a standard educational or edutainment app. Instead, NARR8 offers an unprecedented level of interactivity, animations, HD audio, and special effects that make stories come alive at your touch. The app offers a huge array of different content, including in-depth studies of world history and popular culture, as well as comic-book superhero tales to fantasy fiction, sci-fi, and horror. Expand your horizons...try NARR8 now!


— Free interactive series
— New episodes on a regular basis
— Rich & growing collection of themes and genres — anime, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, world history, and more
— Unique visual, text, and interactive content

Currently NARR8 features the following series:

— Fear Hunters - Interactive novel about a team of psychiatrists who do battle with monsters that lurk in the subconscious minds of their patients

— Multiverse - Interactive sci-fi novel about an elite paramilitary corps that traverses parallel worlds

— Chronographics - Nonfiction series that explores world history from a unique perspective

— Paradigm - Nonfiction series that delves into popular fiction, technology, and life sciences

— JAM - motion comic that takes place in an unusual world where the laws of nature are actually the laws of classic video games

— Subject #9 - motion anime comic about a group of mutants who escape a mysterious lab to discover they have incredible powers

— Prodigal Angel - motion anime comic about a character with the ability to "possess" other people, and the trouble this kind of power can cause

— Final Feat - motion fantasy/mythology comic about an epic war between mighty heroes and ancient monsters

— SPIN - A dramatic motion comic about political intrigue and spin doctoring

Welcome to a world of endless wonder, knowledge, and adventure, delivered to you regularly in constantly-updated episodes! Read, watch, and interact with NARR8!

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What's new

— SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION: Holiday Special Series
— Latest news: now inside the app
— Enhanced performance on iPad 1st generation

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