NASDAQ Portfolio Manager: Access Up To The Minute Financial News From The Source

On December 1, 2009

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NASDAQ Portfolio Manager: Access Up To The Minute Financial News From The Source

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If you want to know all about the world’s most important financial data you usually have to turn to the current NASDAQ statistics online or through a financial news outlet. If you want to understand your personal financial situation, including your portfolio of stocks and investments you can turn to the NASDAQ Portfolio Manager app.

It gives real-time data about active trading and much more. Let’s say that you have just purchased a stock and you want to track its performance, the NASDAQ Portfolio Manager app would let you enter the number of shares, the price you paid for them, and the current per-share value. The app can then create a graph indicating this stocks performance data, plus it can permanently monitor every single stock purchased.

This gives the app user real time information about the true value of their investment portfolio. The app can also allow anyone to perform a detailed assessment of a stock before making a purchase and even head online to access the onboard StockTwits review feature too.

There are many investment-based apps available, but the NASDAQ Portfolio Manager is the only one linked directly to the website data.

There is no cost for the NASDAQ Portfolio Manager app and any updates will be made available for no extra costs. This app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to check in with your investments on a daily basis, or just keep regular tabs on your personal financial status, this is the app to download right away.

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