NBA League Pass Mobile: A Professional Basketball Fan’s New Best Friend

On November 30, 2009

App Type: iPhone

NBA League Pass Mobile: A Professional Basketball Fan’s New Best Friend

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Want to enjoy up to forty National Basketball Association games each week throughout the current season? If you download the NBA League Pass Mobile app to your iPod Touch or iPhone device you can enjoy games live or in real time and even take in a replay of a game up to two days later. It provides access to all games, regardless of the viewer’s location.

The NBA League Pass Mobile app provides full-screen viewing of any scheduled game (subject to blackouts), but it also delivers a great deal more. Because it is the only officially sanctioned app by the NBA, viewers get unprecedented access to games, statistics, and scores.

They can also post game stats and personal updates to Twitter or Facebook through it as well. A true NBA fan can enjoy daily highlights from the entire league, and even cue the app to remind them when a game is about to begin. There is even an on-board email feature that allows fans to communicate with contacts through its onboard email feature as well.

There are many different apps for those who enjoy professional sports and basketball, but NBA League Pass Mobile is the only one authorized by the league to broadcast the games in real time.

This app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone devices, but a 3G or WiFi connection is required for optimal viewing.

The NBA League Pass Mobile app is available for $39.99 and it delivers access to all games with the exception of those under national blackout.

If you are a dedicated fan of the NBA, this app will ensure that you can enjoy the game from any location. It is the ideal choice to add to your mobile device today.

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