NeoSameGame – Review

On October 28, 2008

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NeoSameGame – Review

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By: Hudson Entertainment

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-09-03


Price: 3.99

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I am not exactly an expert when it comes to games, but I am fortunate enough to be able to distinguish between a boring and fun game.  Being able to do so saves me time, and since the iPhone came out, money.  Yet when I saw the colorful icon of Hudson’s NeoSameGame while scrolling through the App Store, nothing mattered, whether it was fun or not.  I had to get it. 

The reason for my impulsive reaction was the fact that I had bought Puzzloop before, another one of Hudson’s games, and I loved it. Surely I would enjoy NeoSameGame, as well.

To my surprise, I did. 

NeoSameGame is an incredible puzzle game that is played by clearing the table of all the blocks by touching sets of two or more blocks that are adjacent to each other.  In this colorful cascade of bright shades of yellow, purple, red, green, and all the colors of the rainbow, you are rewarded with superficial, but nevertheless satisfactory graphics. 

Once you figure out the gist of the game, and you strive to beat your highest score using combos and the iPhone’s features to your advantage, you will be tilting, shaking, and prodding at the phone at lightning fast speeds, which is ultimately the best feature of the game. 

I have literally sat for hours at a time clearing the boards as many times as I can, breezing past the Easy boards, and struggling to clear the Kiwami boards, which are the hardest and most intricate ones in the game.  Yet fun is to be had regardless of what level is played, and your brain will be receiving the benefits a puzzle game usually provides, in Hudson’s NeoSameGame.
Quick Take
Would I Buy Again: Yes!
Learning Curve: Low.
Who is it for: Everyone.
What I like: Re-playability and fast pace.
What I Don’t: Crashes a little bit too much.
Final Statement: Perfect puzzle game when on-the-run.  Definitely buy it, as it is worth every single penny.

Read the Developer's Notes:
That masterpiece puzzle game, "SameGame," is reborn as "NeoSameGame" with tons of fun, shaking and rolling! Along with "NeoSameGame" mode, there is also "SameGame" mode, where you can play the original! Enjoy the old-school version and the next-gen version all in one package.

4 different difficulty levels, "EASY," "NORMAL," "HARD," and "KIWAMI" are available in each mode. Compete with users around the world using the network rankings! If you're stuck and don't think you can make another move, create new opportunities with 4 brand-new features!

1.SHAKE Shake the iPhone/iPod touch to release new blocks!
2.TILT Tilt the iPhone/iPod touch to move the blocks dynamically! Score big points by mixing and matching well!
3.COMBO Execute Combos by consecutively clearing blocks of the same color! Higher points are awarded for Combos!
4.RAINBOW BLOCK Connect and clear blocks of differing colors! Score big points by creating bigger blocks!O U R   T A K E . . .

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