Ninja Wrath Review – Cut’em into pieces!

On July 24, 2013

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Ninja Wrath Review – Cut’em into pieces!

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Version #: 1.0.22

Date Released: 2013-05-31

Developer: Ninja Wrath Support

Price: $1.99

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The term ‘Ninja’ has long lost its mettle in games, thanks to light games light Fruit Ninja, Ninjump and Paper Ninja. Now, its time to win back the Katana’s glory with Ninja Wrath!

Don’t get fooled by the cute graphics and the tiny Ninja. Ninja Wrath, despite its dull first impressions, is an action-packed entertainer. Do what you’ve been raised for and paint the floor red!

Let loose into the enemy territory, our hero has to make sure, he’s the last man standing. Slice them, shoot the shuriken, chop their heads and even burn the corpse. Use your magical chakra power to do special attacks, too. Defeat waves of evil ninjas, ancient knights, spell casters and poison darts to conquer each level.

The upgrades and addons are equally relevant in Ninja Wrath. Wear charmed rings and stack up potions for emergencies. Also, upgrade your skills one by one till you become the Master Oogway of Ninjas.

The controls are a little complex for most. In addition to normal jump and slash, we have swipe gestures for different manoeuvres. Tap & hold is also required. In short, it’ll take some time to get used. But once the controls are well versed, its a massacre!

The graphics is similar to 2D platformers in old video games but is more than enough for this gameplay. The sound effects are really adventerous, adding to the experience. It is a shame though, that there is no support for iPad, especially with all those crammed controls!

Now, to the conclusion. Though Ninja Wrath provides a decent action-game experience, it is not worth the 2 bucks you put in. I would rather go for Samurai: Dojo II, which is a better free game of similar genre. This is of course, my opinion and I would love to hear what you guys think!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium-High

Who Is It For:Action lovers

What I Like:The cool upgrades

What I Don't Like:No iPad support!

Final Statement:Ninja Assassin

Read the Developer's Notes:
? ‘New & Noteworthy’ and ‘What’s Hot’ in the App Store!
? 148Apps - Editor’s Choice Award
“one incredibly slick iOS action game ... with a smart control scheme and lots of content. ... might even satiate Ryu Hayabusa fans who’ve been looking for a mobile alternative.”
? PocketGamer - Bronze Award
“pays a katana-sharp tribute to the 8- and 16-bit classics of yesteryear. ... plenty of blood-soaked entertainment”
? App Store Update
“combo system is super-smooth. ... today’s best debut by far”

? True Arcade Action on the go! ? Real ninjas slice bodies, not fruit! Use real arcade controls to become a deadly force of lightning-fast attacks! Pulverize anything that gets in your way with powerful combos and ninja skills!

String up deadly attacks and special move combos with responsive, natural controls like never before on the iPhone and iPad. Pick up and play just like the old days, as NINJA WRATH brings back the fast-paced action of classic beat-em-ups right to your hands – this ain’t no “one-button brawler!” Crash the castle, dodge traps and avoid attacks with a quick dash, then strike down your foes where it hurts!

- Enemies are everywhere across 60+ stages! Lay down the smackdown on flying ninjas from above, clay warriors from below, samurai, yetis, zombie pirates, gunslingers, blade wielders, possessed beasts, brutes, bosses and more!
- Test your mettle and complete missions through Bonus levels, Time Attack and Survival Mode

- Level up your stats to increase strength and attacks, unlock new combos
- Upgrade weapons, customize scrolls and accessories for various booster effects!
- Unleash waves of magical force to crush, poison, burn, freeze and destroy!

- Every strike, slash and dash has been expertly animated and optimized for the iPhone
- Rack up Game Center achievements
- Bask in the cel-shaded artwork, high-quality sound and music, seamless framerate and addictive non-stop action.
- Next Updates planned include new levels, characters and skills, plus much more!

Download now and Unleash your NINJA WRATH!

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- Ninja Wrath is compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, New iPad (iPad 3 & 4), iPad Mini, iPod Touch 4th gen and above.
- Sorry, Ninja Wrath is NOT compatible with iPhone 3GS and lower, iPad 1.

? Quotes from our Fans
"Excellent game! Love the integration of swiping, buttons, and the number of combination moves unlocked over time." - Gtrs1
"Ninja Wrath is a hack n slash title with Xbox-like controls and quick stages. A great game that I would fully recommended." - Pocketnova
"Makes you feel like you're actually killing your enemies. Easy controls and lots of combos. The new must have on the App Store!" - Ties Groen
"Fast paced action game that will keep you playing for a long time. You'll keep telling yourself, Just one more game..." -TRB4

- We highly recommended that you upgrade your device to the latest iOS version.
- Parents: you can turn off In-App purchasing in the iOS settings.

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