No Gravity for iPhone, iPad Review

On April 1, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

No Gravity for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Stephane Denis

Version #: 1.0.0

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Developer: By Realtech VR

Price: $2.99

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In the year 8002, the Krosso empire has just finished celebrating the dawn of the ninth milennium, when it is caught in a downward spiral and threatened by a mysterious sudden mental disease, which afflicts the entire population. Well, almost. A lucky few manage to hang on to their sanity. But for how long?

Rumor is rife that the dementing illness stems from outer space, from an evil race of aliens that wants to destroy the Krosso empire. Few are spared and the future of the empire depends on a few brave pilots, one of which is you! Not for the faint of heart, you will have to tackle an unknown enemy all on your lonesome… Originally, No Gravity is a PSP game. It boasts 31 action packed levels, loads of obstacles, awesome graphics and plenty of bang for your buck, with explosions galore.

It looks great and I was really curious where all this was going. I really liked the idea behind the game, a mental illness from outer space, that’s really original and out there! I also like shooting aliens and the flight controls are very smooth.

However, the game needs a bit more attention: lots of buttons don’t seem to work, like under options, sound and graphics. Nothing happens when you touch them. Game also crashed first time around. And as I hadn’t played it before on the PSP, I could’ve done with a bit more guidance. Okay, I’m a brave pilot, I should steer clear of the mean astroids, and head for the NAV point. So how the &^%$ do I get there? I think this could be a lot of fun, but it needs some TLC.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars

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