No Wolf Review – Lead’em home!

On January 15, 2013

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No Wolf Review – Lead’em home!

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Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-12-19

Developer: HYONG-JUN LEE

Price: Free

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Isn’t it awesome when good things get better? The age old sliding puzzle games with scrambled pictures are plenty available in the AppStore but No Wolf adds some twist, a goal and a tinge of strategy to the recipe.

By the way, there is a wolf! and he is sleeping by the fence. A lamb has lost his way and you have to guide him home before the canine wakes up. The 3X3 grid with an empty square forms your field of rescue where each tile sports a part of the path. Slide them anyway you want but make sure, at the end, our lamb has a way home. A quick look at the screenshots below could help! The beauty of the game is that there are many possible solutions but only one of them is the easiest.

The game has five different worlds with 12 puzzles each and casts a new animal every time (lamb, pig, red riding-hood,  a boy and the wolf himself). As the game progress, it tightens the grip with larger grids and multiple animals waiting to be rescued. Sometimes, it gets tricky when you have to bring the sheep to a checkpoint first and then to the safe house.

If you’re stuck, hints are available; three hints are provided free and more can be bought within the app. But, they just reveal the final path and I feel they are insufficient to cross levels. Hence, skip level would have been my choice for in-app purchases in this game. 

The animations are kept simple and so is the background score; option to play songs from the library would be a nice update. I can tell that this is not the easiest puzzle you could find but the fun & addiction is surely not spared.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Puzzle lovers!

What I Like:The innovations like multiple targets, checkpoints etc.

What I Don't Like:Skip level option is missing.

Final Statement:Lead'em home!

Read the Developer's Notes:
NO WOLF is a simple but unstoppable game with new style of puzzle game!

Everyone’s familiar with this game from the beginning! The slide tile puzzle with fables! Characters from stories of ‘The wolf and the seven little lambs’, ‘The three little pigs’, and ‘The little red riding hood’ are ready to meet you in the game, NO WOLF.
There are various interactive items and game objects to help you to get through!

3 in 1 game: NO WOLF has full of fun features!
+ Multiple routes that can be connected
+ Many items and objects that you can use for your strategic exit plan!
+ Full of tensions, and thrill to escape from the wolf

+ 60 puzzles available
+ 3 different puzzle sizes
+ Hint system that will guide you through the puzzles
+ Smooth and multiple tiles sliding to move puzzle pieces faster

Now, are you ready to help them to find a way?
Look out for the mean, bad wolf!
Don't let him gets near them!

*More puzzles will be added soon.

*If you have a comment, feedback, and problem with game, please let us know!
e-mail : [email protected]

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