Noble Nutlings Review – It all comes to physics.. again!

On February 13, 2013

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Noble Nutlings Review – It all comes to physics.. again!

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By: Boomlagoon

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2013-01-26

Developer: Noble Nutlings Support

Price: Free

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Noble Nutlings can be said as a fusion between the physics-based motorcycle stunt games and the unique Bad Piggies game.

Here, we see three cute squirrels on a carriage, making their way through rugged mountains collecting nuts. There is nothing special about the ever familiar gameplay where maintaining balance is the only strategy. You have a go button and accelerometer controls for swaying forward or backward. Manoeuvre through the terrain and make sure the triplets don’t crash to the ground. Reach the balloon laid finishing point in the lowest time and its done.

Based on your performance, you are rated in stars and awarded coins. Coins can be used to upgrade your ride, change wheels, or to refill nitro. Customizations of the cart is really interesting with huge variety and suitability as per each level.

If you topple the ride, it resets again with some loss of time; since, there is no time limit to finish, you literally can’t fail a level. I think this is a downside and it would’ve been more interesting if crashes restarted the level. Collect as many nuts as you can on the way, but beware of obstacles like wooden planks, stages, pools and TNT.

There are currently 36 challenging levels with more to come and the architecture of each one is worth appreciation. Multiple paths are possible but only the hardest one will get you all the nuts. Every 6th level is unique where your four wheeler cart is replaced by a unicycle and a change in your balancing technique is required to conquer them.

The animations are simple and the background music is triumphant. The controls can be toggled between accelerometer or buttons and these work perfectly well. To conclude, though the gameplay is not much of an unseen one, the great execution makes it a good buy.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Pass-time gamers

What I Like:The cart upgrades are cool

What I Don't Like:Nothing unique in the gameplay

Final Statement:Good game to check out

Read the Developer's Notes:
????? "Noble Nutlings is a fantastic physics-based racing game" -Gamezebo ?????

????? "The cart upgrades are amazing. Really, the cart upgrades are what make this game so fun." -Padgadget ?????

????? "Will this be a hit? No idea. Is it fun? Totally." -iPhone Hacks ?????

Join the Nutlings on the wackiest ride you’ve ever experienced! Build your dream cart and show your friends who’s in charge.

- Physics based awesomeness
- Build your dream cart - thousands of combinations!
- Beat your friends’ scores and brag about it!
- Beat all 36 levels with three stars (if you can)!
- Easy controlling mechanics; use tilting or buttons
- Use the chili boost for ultimate speed
- Spin the slot machine to win awesome prizes!
- Use Facebook to sync progress between devices

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