Fring: Bringing Online Communities Together And Transcending People Around The World

On July 22, 2009
Fring: Bringing Online Communities Together And Transcending People Around The World

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I recently gave up on the various social networking sites because it took too much time to keep up with them all. Then I discovered fring, and can now use this handy app to talk with friends on Skype, update my Twitter status and even check my Google mail with one handy interface. The fring app offers users a very dynamic interface into which all of their friends, contacts and buddy lists are gathered automatically.

This allows one easy location from which to do all of the various social networking updates and better communicate with people. Another reason that the fring app is so wildly popular is that it can actually save someone money by allowing them to make low-cost calls on their mobile device directly through their Skype account. The app also automatically detects all WiFi hotspots and doesn’t demand configuration at each new location.

The fring app is an entirely unique entity because it is not a client of one site. It integrates with a range of messaging services and accounts, which can be accessed simultaneously. This is seen on the profile page which gives details about each individual on the buddy list provided by the various websites and notices they have posted.

There is no cost for a download of the fring app and it is available for desktop and laptop computers as well as all mobile devices.

If you are ready to streamline your social networking and to save money and time, then create a fring account for yourself today.

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