MobileNavigator North America: Intelligent Travel Made Even Easier

On September 8, 2009
MobileNavigator North America: Intelligent Travel Made Even Easier

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Even with an audio GPS unit it can be a bit harrowing to travel along unknown roads and highways. Quite often an out of town visitor isn’t aware of the best travel lane to enter or when they should slow down. The MobileNavigator North America app can provide a great solution for anyone on a road trip throughout the country.

This feature-rich app is actually an adaptation of the popular navigation software installed in many of the most popular GPS units. Loading the program converts a mobile device into a fully functioning navigation unit that provides dozens of helpful tasks. For example, full maps of the United States and Canada are included, the screen can be used in portrait or landscape for easiest viewing, a majority of highways and major roads can be viewed in “Reality View Pro” which gives accurate depictions of the roads, lanes and exits, and there is also a helpful audible lane assistant.

The app will also switch from day to night display mode automatically, access the mobile device’s address book to navigate to specific entries, provide both two and three dimensional maps, and also give various points of interest along the way. Finally, it also has a “Take me Home” feature that gives the return trip with a single click of the pad.

There are plenty of navigation apps for Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but this one is the most thorough and comprehensive of them all.

This app is available for $69.99 and functions in three different languages.

If you want to use your mobile device just like a full navigation system with maps and GPS features, this app is the one for you.

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