A Note On Evernote

On November 23, 2008

Evernote now has over half a million registered users.

That is a pretty big number, but as someone who uses Evernote constantly, and finds it incredibly useful for my work, web and personal life, I’m actually a bit surprised it isn’t higher.

The number that is really something is this…

according to TechCrunch 57 percent of Evernote users reach the service via their iPhones. That’s a full six percent higher than those who access it through the web, almost twice as high as those who use Windows. In fact, to really put it in perspective, only 28 percent reach it via the Mac client (Love IT!) and "other mobile" clients is a mere 8 percent combined.

As someone who depends on Evernote on both my iPhone and my Mac I’m not surprised by the high iPhone numbers. The iPhone brings together constant connectivity, a useable camera, GPS and text input, combines them with Evernote ever-improving service and puts it never more than an arms-reach (or a pocket’s grab) away. I is now my one-stop-iPhone-shop for text notes, images, voice notes and much more. Best of all, thanks to its excellent search feature and new features like local storage of favorite notes, the more information I put into it the more useful it becomes.

As TechCrunch puts it-
The PC and Mac clients are the most fully-featured, yet it is the iPhone app that gave Evernote its critical mass. Perhaps that’s because the iPhone app lets you take pictures using the camera, append a note and save it to your Evernote page, where it is archived and searchable.

Oh, and one last note. Total number of notes in Evernote- 13.8 million (and growing).