Note2Self – Review

On July 28, 2008

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Note2Self – Review

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By: Web Information Solutions, Inc.

Version #: 1.00

Date Released: 2008-07-23


Price: 4.99

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Note2Self is a one-trick pony but its trick is incredibly useful and the app performs it well. The idea behind Note2Self is simple- quickly record a voice note and send it to yourself or someone else.

It is a great idea and is well executed.

Setup could not be easier.

When first started, the main screen is simple and self explanatory. There is a button to "record note" , another to "access notes" and a third, much larger "start recording" button
Touch the "start Recording" button and it starts to record. touch it again and it stops recording.

The app then offers four different options- "save", "email to default", "email and save", "cancel".

The first time you hit the  "email to default" choice it asks you to select a default email address. After that "email to default" automatically sends the voice note to that email address.

The big question with this app is- "Why purchase Note2Self when a service like Jott not only records voice notes for free but also returns them as both voice and text files with the transcription being highly accurate?"

Okay, you may not be wondering that but I certainly was.

The answer is simple- Jott limits you to just 15 seconds. ReQall limits you to 30 seconds. Note2Self doesn’t limit you.

Well, actually, that isn’t quite accurate. With Note2Self you are limited by the space available on the device. In testing Alex Kac, the developer, found that you can use whatever free space you have minus a few tens of megabytes. With 230MB free space you therefore can record about 190MB worth a file. I currently have a few GB free so I could do a whole lot of recording!
Moreover, all audio is recorded and played in 64k chunks and played so only when emailing the recording do larger chunks get loaded in. Even then, Alex notes, it is streamed.

The current version of the app is terrific and it promises to get better and better over time.
Future plans will make it even better and will likely include
1) Location stamping to show where a note was recorded
2) Customized naming of notes
3) Stereo/Mono settings
4) A New icon (a quick look at the reviews over on iTunes shows this to be a big concern for people. Personal response- give me a break people!)

There are some on iTunes who have reported issues of stability with the app. I have opened and closed it numersou times and have found no such issues.

Quick Take:

Value: High. I see myself using this app often for both myself and working with my assistant
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely. You bet. In a heartbeat. Yes.
Learning Curve: Minimal. They did a great job making this incredibly intuitive
Who is it for: Anyone whose memory is anywhere close to as bad as mine
What I like: Ease of use, does what it says, no limit on text size (other than noted)
What I Don’t: I look forward to the future updates (especially the icon- NOT)

Final Statement: WebIS, the developer, did an excellent job with Note2Self. I had used an early version of it on my Windows Mobile device and was not a huge fan (likely due to the complex setup at the time with WM- something I am sure has been remedied.) The iPhone version of Note2Self is excellent. It is clearly an iPhone app, not a mere porting from another platform. It works well and is an app I suspect I will be using often.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Note2Self is first and foremost an audio recorder and a simple solution for those of us who keep track of their task items via email or to store voice notes on the phone itself. Note2Self allows you to quickly record a voice note, save it and automatically send it to any email address...all without pushing a single button. Instant voice mail!

- Record Audio in Compressed and Uncompressed formats
- Automatic recordings using the accelerometer by bringing the phone to your ear
- Save Notes and Play them
- Send them via email to a default address or to any one
- Easy to use and great to look at
- Simple Settings let you have Note2Self ask what to do, or simply always do an action

No Button Operation

Start Note2Self. Bring it up to your ear and start talking. Bring it back down in front of you and the recording stops and is saved or emailed automatically. It's a one-trick pony, but it's a really useful trick. Only on the iPhone. O U R   T A K E . . .

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