Nova Launcher Prime for Android – Review

On May 10, 2013

App Type: Android

Nova Launcher Prime for Android – Review

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By: TeslaCoil Software

Version #: 1.1

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Developer: TeslaCoil Software

Price: 4.00

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What’s the first thing most people do when getting a new phone? They customize it. With Android, though, customization options are limited; I always wished I could do more. I’ve tried many other launchers, include Next Launcher, Apex, and ADW, but none quite did the trick. Enter Nova Launcher Prime.

The Good

There are a plethora of customization options with Nova Launcher Prime. You can change the icon size, icon picture, change shortcut names and create custom app tabs. There’s also a cool “Unread Counts” counter that can display at the bottom of your favorite email, sms, or missed call icon, and it conveniently displays the count in the dock, desktop, drawer and folders. You can also re-size widgets to fit wherever you want them to. The app doesn’t hog your phone’s resources, either! And, most importantly, it just looks cool.

The Bad

I really don’t have anything bad to say about Nova Launcher Prime. After using the free version, I upgraded to the Prime pretty quickly. The only flaw that I came across is that the text unread count disappears after you pull up the conversation list, rather than disappearing after you actually read your unread texts as it should. But, a minor price to pay for an otherwise great application.

The Ugly Truth

The free version of Nova Launcher is good, but the paid upgrade is even better; it is definitely worth the cost of upgrade. There is a reason folks rate this app so highly on the Google Play market (as of writing this, it holds a 4.8/5.0 rating with over 30k reviewers).  And, it’s because the app is nearly flawless. Organizing your app drawer and resizing icons makes this upgrade worth it alone.  At only $4.00, you won’t find a better customization launcher on Google Play.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:People who love customization options.

What I Like:Great Swipe feature and icon sizing.

What I Don't Like:Unread texts marked as read when viewing conversation list.

Final Statement:Nova Launcher Prime is definitely worth the cost of upgrade.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+

Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in Nova Launcher:

Drawer Groups:
Folders in App Drawer
Unlimited custom tabs
Organize apps into tabs and folders in the app drawer

Quickly start Nova Actions or Apps from gestures on the desktop, such as pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping.

Hide Apps
Keep a clutter free drawer by hidding never used apps.

Dock Swipes
Get more use out of your dock apps by setting swipe-actions

Unread Counts
Never miss an email. Unread count badges for SMS, Missed calls and Gmail. Counts show in the dock, desktop, drawer and folders.

More Scroll Effects

You need to install the free version of Nova Launcher to use Nova Launcher Prime

For download issues or Play Store errors such as Error 941 please contact Google at

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