NowThis News for Android – Review

On July 3, 2013

App Type: Android

NowThis News for Android – Review

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By: NowThis Media

Version #: 2.0.4a

Date Released: 20130622

Developer: NowThis Media

Price: free

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There are already numerous news aggregator apps available on Google Play, and now there is one more. Enter NowThis News, an app that claims to be the first and only original 24/7 video-centric news app. But, how does NowThis stack up against the competition?

The Good

The app is first and foremost esthetically pleasing.  It is highly graphical, and each post contains a video, but what’s great about this news app is that it also has a good amount of text under each video explaining exactly what the video is, basically giving you a choice of watching the video or reading the news story.  Each post has an easy share button, which will allow you to easily share across your social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The Bad

While the usability and display of the app should be highly regarded, a lot of the content is weak.  For one, there isn’t a video game news category nor a separate sports news category. The content is mostly political, which doesn’t really appeal to the app’s target market: the younger generation of cell phone users. 

The Ugly Truth

NowThis News is a great looking app on the surface, but is unfortunately limited by the weak content it delivers.  The lack of important news categories diminishes the value of the app, and you’d be better off using any of the other aggregators, for now at least.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:N/A

Learning Curve:Very low.

Who Is It For:Political news junkies.

What I Like:Looks great. Each video contains text explaining what is in the video.

What I Don't Like:No video game or sports categories.

Final Statement:NowThis could be the news app of the future, only if the developers can add some more categories and better content.

Read the Developer's Notes:
NowThis News delivers for you: The first and only original 24/7 video-centric news app built for mobile users. Clear, concise news ranging from what's breaking to the latest in tech and entertainment. Mashable calls the app “A brand new way to watch and share the news… exactly right for mobile.” And Fortune says the content is “Brian Williams-meets-Jon Stewart with a hint of College Humor.” Download it and you’ll see how seamless and addictive mobile video news can be.

We love user questions and suggestions. So please send them to [email protected]. We make improvements based in part on user feedback. We’ll continue improving the NowThis News experience to bring you video news for consumption on mobile devices and sharing on social networks. We’re serious about wanting your suggestions!
* Watch 25 original videos produced daily
* See the latest breaking news
* Get alerts for need-to-watch videos
* Go deep into our Politics, Entertainment, Sci/Tech, Viral, Food, and World verticals
* Share seamlessly to Facebook, Twitter and via email
* Read text surrounding each video
* Keep track of all the videos you’ve watched

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