OTTTD Review – Massacre of the undead

On June 4, 2014

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OTTTD Review – Massacre of the undead

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By: SMG Studio

Version #: 1.0.4

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Developer: SMG Studio Web Site

Price: 2.99

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Of course you’ve seen plenty of tower defense games and may be even more zombie games. But you’ve never seen them like in OTTTD.

Though the name sounds like someone’s been stammering, it mustn’t have been much hard for the developers to come up with that; they just described their game, Over-The-Top Tower Defense and “Look honey, we have a name” – OTTTD.

You! Yes you, are the commander of the anti-zombie squad and your job is to recruit special-action agents and to deploy modern defense armory around the territory so that none of the creepy zombies can touch the mother ship. In fact, I have described just about any Tower Defense game, you’ve ever played and the basic gameplay is actually the same here.


Mostly all TD games are similar under the microscope but its the execution, addiction and visuals that decides whether our meters light up in bright green or not. In OTTTD, we have an array of maps with multiple ways in, a lot of x-marked lodge points for the machinery, a dynamic bank balance and a three-man army who can be used to shoot the brains off those who have it or just elsewhere for the headless ones.

As the level begins, you have a few seconds and a skinny budget to set up the essential defense strategy and once some blood is shed, you get more money to upgrade, repair, transform or plant new guns. A few minutes have passed and you’re watching a hundred creepy zombie bugs, shooting shells, popping eye balls, slimy goo, one man’s torso and another’s limping legs or even some Panzer-sized giant turtles who just won’t die. Strategically place those fast shooting turrets at turns and junctions, the Testla coils to slow them down, the all-round-shooter in the middle, rocket launchers on top of the mother ship, lasers for reinforcements and so on. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it after a few games. Keep an eye on things – repair, upgrade or even sell and replace existing machines till the waves of zombies are back in the coffins.


OTTTD manages to keep its momentum going by introducing new weapons and unique soldiers after every few games. Each soldier has his own powers like healing others, strengthening towers, deploying missiles, jetpack or to release a wave of super saiyan energy. As you progress, your minions earn XP which can be used to upgrade his skills and use the earned gold coins to buy unlocked guns. Yeah, that’s all the same old Tower Defense stuff with the routine in-app purchases in place.

So is it any good? Its wonderful!


The gameplay is so addictive that I found myself going back for short plays even while writing this review. The graphics are popping and after each level, the map is turned into a massacre ground full of fried meat and broken bones, which though seems odd at first, gives a Spartan feel later on. The sound effects are among the best too with triumphant trumpets and occasional comments by soldiers.

However there seems to be only about 20 levels and 7 characters to unlocked in the whole game which seems to be a lot less when compared to similar games in the genre. Even if it takes a week to conquer the later levels, I would always go for more number of levels than a few crazy hard ones.

To conclude, though not as elaborate and out-of-the-world as Anomaly 2 nor colorful and unique as the recent Castle Doombad, OTTTD still succeeds to provide a very decent textbook Tower Defense gameplay at a reasonable cost. But if your world of TD games till now have been limited to Plants vs Zombies or GeoDefense, OTTTD will surely be a new experience for you.
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Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:If more levels are added, yes!

Learning Curve:Intermediate

Who Is It For:Tower Defense lovers, without doubt

What I Like:The sound effects

What I Don't Like:Short game

Final Statement:Meat grounds!

Read the Developer's Notes:

"OTTTD is wonderfully excessive" - PocketGamer
"I'm super excited about this one" - Touch Arcade
"Outrageous enemies are on the loose in the strategy game OTTTD" - @AppStore
"Overkills abounds in new iOS tower defence game OTTTD" - AppSpy

NOTE: Due to the OTT nature of this experience, it is not compatible with iPod Touch 4th gen, iPad 1, or iPhone 4.

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