Outline+ Review – Formatting notes have never been easier

On November 29, 2012

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Outline+ Review – Formatting notes have never been easier

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By: Gorillized

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2012-07-24

Developer: Gorillized

Price: 14.99

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Finally an app that truly does away with the pen and paper system, Outline+ is one app that will satisfy your note taking needs.

Outline+ is targeted at students, and office workers alike. The main purpose of Outline+ is to enable users to take down notes efficiently, and the app does the job very well with tons of extra features. Some of these would include customization and formatting functions to make simplistic notes readable and pleasurable to the eyes. With plenty of easy to use styling tools in the app, Outline+ makes things even easier by doing away with complicated and hard to grasp functions.

Outline+ can also synchronize with Microsoft OneNote, whereby files can be read and edited through the app itself.

I also found the ability to share your notes with other devices through Dropbox very useful, as this meant that I could continue working on the same document on more than one device.

The default Notes app on iOS devices pales in comparison to Outline+ even though they basically serve the same purpose. With all these extra functionality, Outline+ is a nifty tool that everyone can appreciate.

The only downside however would be the steep price tag. At $14.99, I am not sure if many are willing to pay this much for such an app. As great an app this is, I am still rather put off by the price tag.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:N.A

Who Is It For:All users

What I Like:The array of formatting options

What I Don't Like:The price tag is too expensive

Final Statement:This is a really good app, but it still does not quite justify its price tag

Read the Developer's Notes:
Organize your personal, work and class notes. View and edit Microsoft OneNote on iPad. Sync notes in real time via Dropbox.

BACK TO SCHOOL Essential App! Ideal for taking and reading class notes.

Structure all of your notes, ideas and information and store them in an organized way. Outline+ is a blend of speed of standard typed notes PLUS the flexibility to arrange them on a page as you like. You can quickly capture new ideas, build a concept map, create to-do lists and search all your content.

Outline+ is PERFECT FOR students, sales people, real estate agents, journalists, writers, teachers, attorneys and everyone who needs a fast and reliable note-taking, list-making and outlining app.


== Works great with Microsoft OneNote ==

- Read OneNote files. All your notebooks look 100% identical in Outline+ including formatting, links, and images.
- Edit OneNote files. Type anywhere on a page, format text, create lists, stamp styles, add images, create sections and subsections.

== Intuitive Note-Taking ==

- Take notes naturally. Easily type your notes anywhere, move them with a finger and keep reading your notes.
- Find your information in a second. Your recent pages are kept together. Favorites make organizing easier.

== Sync OneNote to iPad ==

- Sync notes via Dropbox. Two-way synchronization in real time just works. Simply link Outline+ to your Dropbox account and access your notes anywhere. More than 50 million users!
- Sync notes via USB. Keep your notes safe from the internet or wifi networks. Transfer your sensitive information directly to your device via USB cable and iTunes.

== Your Notes Are Safe ==

- No desktop clients, nor random clouds. Outline+ is the simplest and safest note-taking app for home and office. Subscription fees - what is it? You own the app forever.
- Together with OneNote note-taking engine and Dropbox cloud storage you can always restore any revision of your notes.

WATCH YOUTUBE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apXEOw7xl6U


? OneNote 2010 - Reading and editing
? OneNote 2007 - Limited support; reading only (See User Guide on www.outline.ws)
? OneNote 2003 - Not supported

What we are working on:
- Inks and handwriting
- Skydrive. Onenote sync via Skydrive is coming soon
- Sharepoint and Protected Sections in Enterprise version
- Math support. We'll display the math symbols in next updates

All updates to Outline+ will be free for life! Follow our Facebook and Twitter to be updated!
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