Outliner7 for iphone Review

On May 30, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Outliner7 for iphone Review

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By: Ambiapps

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Productivity apps all purport to make it easier for you to “get things done.” What is often the case is that these apps get you so caught up in using the app that you actually don’t get *productive* things done. Outliner7 from ameba Apps makes the same claim as the others. Does Outliner7 live up to its claim by making you more productive?

Outliner7 is an app that lets you create unordered outlines (meaning ones without Roman numerals, letters, and numbers for each item) and group them in projects. The interface for this follows the recent trend in productivity apps of minimal interfaces. Outliner7 uses swiping and tapping to avoid as many buttons on the screen and possible. The downside to this is a steeper learning curve to remember all the gestures. The upside, is a larger area on the screen the work with and once you know the gestures, it becomes a breeze to use.

Outlines can be grouped into projects which can be labeled and color coded. Within the outline itself, items can be rearranged and sub items will stay linked to their parent when they are moved. All items in the outline can be swiped to allow them to be marked as complete. Bear in mind that Outliner7 is not intended to be used as a Todo app but it shares some characteristics. Items can also have due dates attached to them.

Once an outline is complete you can easily use the app itself to work with it. When you initially access an outline the top row of buttons gets out of the way immediately to allow you more screen space. If using you to share your outline with others, you can either print it directly from the app, or email a plain text version of the outline. While the emailed outline is nice, I think there could be more options for sharing outlines such as HTML formatting or Dropbox/iCloud support.

While unordered outlines are a great way to wrap your head around the major points of project or task. Making lists of things can also help you stay on task. It is nice that Outliner7 does incorporate some todo features, but I think the app is lacking in the methods for sharing outlines. If you find yourself making nested lists or needing to sketch out a project, give Outliner7 a try and see if it helps you stay organized and productive. Outliner7 is currently 1.99 in the app store.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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