Package Tracker Lite – Review

On September 11, 2008

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Package Tracker Lite – Review

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By: Ethan Allen

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-09-08


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Two of my favorite words are- "Tracking Number". I love the anticipation of knowing that a new piece of electronic goodness is on the way. Patience may be a virtue but it when something new is on the way it is always in short supply. So when something is coming I’ll occassionally (okay more than occassionally) go to the FedEx or UPS website, input my Tracking Number and check the progress. (Yes, I know… I need serious help.)

Problem is, the next time I go to check (and there is always a next time) I have to open the site again, find the number again, input the number again etc…

So when I got the Tracking Number for the new iPod touch that is on the way I figured, "What could be a better time to check out Package Tracker  than right now?"

Package Tracker is a simple, one purpose app. You start the app, input the Tracking Number, add customized label info if applicable, choose the shipping company and… Get an add for the new movie Eagle Eye. Tap the screen and you are offered a chance to "Win $1000" or skip the chance to "Win $1000". Tap "Skip" and you are shown the shipping company’s label and the tracking number.  Tap the number to check the progress of the package and you get an add for the new movie Eagle Eye. Tap the screen and you are offered a chance to "Win $1000" or "Skip" the chance to "Win $1000". Tap "Skip" and get the progress.

If you want to refresh you can go back and then forward once again to reload. The only problem is you’ll get the Eagle Eye ad (or whatever is being advertised at that moment) agan… and again… and again… and again…

So here is the deal with Package Tracker –

It is a great way to input as many Tracking Numbers for as many packages from as many shipping companies as you want. The numbers remain in the program until you remove them. Great feature.

It works really well once your package is in the system.

The ads are mind numbingly annoying but they can be removed by upgrading to the paid version. Only thing is- at $4.99 the paid version is more than I really want to pay for a utility like this.


Quick Take

Value: You can overpay $5 or be annoyed by the ads- your choice
Would I Buy Again: At $.99- Yup. At $4.99- Nope
Learning Curve: Zero
Who is it for: Anyone who wants to know where their new _________ is.
What I like: Stores numbers, convenient in that you don’t need a computer.
What I Don’t: Either annoying or expensive. Neither is a great choice. 

Final Statement: 

A. I’ll stick with the free version.

B. It is convenient once you get past the whole ad thing.

C. I was going to actually see Egle Eye ut now I’ve already seen enough.

D. My new Touch will be here tomorrow. 🙂


Read the Developer's Notes:
Track multiple packages from any place at any time with Package Tracker. This application is a unique one in that it allows you to track as many different packages you want from every major carrier: UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. It also allows you to custom label your packages, so you're not just looking at a tracking number, but a label that you create to describe what's in the box.
Main features: - Track UPS, Track FedEx, Track USPS, Track DHL
- Custom Label your packages, Multiple package tracking,  Add, Edit, and Delete your packages at any time, Scrollable history of every major scan your package gets, Up to the second details on what route a package is on
This is an app that many people have been waiting for. Whether you're a business person who does a lot of shipping, or a simple consumer who just likes to know where their stuff is, this is a must-have for the iPhone.

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