Day 3 Giveaway 5 – WriteRoom


On December 23, 2008

I love using WriteRoom on my Macs. 

Until you’ve tried the "distraction-free" writing it offers, you can’t begin to appreciate how useful it is.

Since its release for the iPhone, I’ve enjoyed similar distraction-free writing with WriteRoom for iPhone, but on a much smaller scale.

We have 4 copies of WriteRoom to give away tonight at 11pm.

To enter, leave a comment below.

For more information visit  WriteRoom in the App Store  

Day 3 Giveaway 4 – Koi Pond



I know a lot of people think it is a silly app…

I know I should think it is a silly app…

But I can’t help it… I like Koi Pond

We have 3 copies of Koi Pond to give away tonight at 11pm.

To enter, tell us what brings you calm and serenity (or just leave a comment) below.

For more information visit the

Koi Pond

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Day 3 Giveaway 1 – Txtpedia



If you’re going to txt, know the language. Txtpedia is the ultimate texting dictionary! You may know what OMG and IDK mean, but what about CYT and WYCM? Txtpedia delivers over 1,500 texting, SMS and IMing abbreviations and their meanings to your iPhone. So if you can’t understand what people are writing, or you’re tired of all that extra typing and want to learn more abbreviations, download txtpedia now!

We have 4 copies of Txtpedia to give away tonight at 11pm.

To enter, leave a comment below that includes at least one txt.

For more information visit

Txtpedia in the App Store


The Great WOiP App (and more) Giveaway of 2008



It was clear from the beginning that as terrific as the iPhone’s hardware is, it was the software that was going to make or break the device.

As we bring in 2008 to a close, there’s no doubt that that APPS MAKE THE IPHONE.

So we wanted to end this year with a public thank you to some of the independent developers who are creating the best applications for the  iPhone,  and to you — our valued readers, for this site would be nothing without you.

iCarol – Finally!



I mentioned last week that Dimitri launched a new iPhone Applications company. Two apps were submitted. The one submitted first (November 11) was still in limbo over a month later while one submitted last week was available just days later. Go figure. Well, after being re-submitted Apple finally approved iCarol!

(Can’t say Apple is getting any better at their approval process but at least it is up BEFORE CHRISTMAS.)

I won’t go into too much detail about the app but wanted to share a quick overview.It has over 20 high quality songs, lyrics, images, and animations and, with Christmas literally around the corner, the  timing couldn’t be better.   Check it out at the App Store HERE, and tell us what you think about it!

Day Three Giveaway Winners! Day Four Apps!



TUESDAY’S WINNERS spaceboy88, derickvaladao, mikec , dbng, btruppert, bigguy, fooj, coach, nomaded, catatonic, kuratsu, revrob, donnak4, thelarster, bigdork, lettuce

Wednesday’s Apps: Take A Note, FastCall, BP Buddy, Fleck, Juxtaposer, eSnowglobe, Gone Fishing  AND an amazing Etymotic hf2 headset.


Day 2 Giveaway 7- Your Choice Of A Sena iPhone Case



Someone near and dear to my heart dropped a smartphone in a foot of snow this past Friday. Only minutes later a snowplow came through and so the phone is somewhere buried in the snow either in one piece or in a gazillion little pieces. One thing is for sure — the phone is long gone.

While even the best of cases can’t protect your phone from being lost in the snow, having a protective case is a good idea– especially with a phone as expensive and as potentially delicate as the iPhone.

SenaCases makes some of the best.

Thanks to Sena we have a couple of cases to give away throughtout the week. The first one will be picked tomorrow evening (Monday Dec 22) at 11 PM. The winner will get to choose from any of the iPhone cases in Sena’s online catalog and it will be shipped directly to you.

To enter, share with us your worst cellphone disaster story in the comments section.

For more information on Sena’s  wonderful cases this is the online company website.

Once again a huge thank you to Sena  further ongoing support of whatsoniphone.


Day 2 Giveaway 6 – ToDo



Question — what task management application was full-featured when it first appeared in the App Store but has still seen the most updates?

Question — what task management application just gets better and better with each of those updates?

Question — what task management application can be used as a stand-alone application or syncs with either Toodledo or Remember The Milk?

Question — what’s my (and a whole heck of a lot of other people’s) task management application of choice on the iPhone and iPod Touch?

If your answer to any of these was Appigo’s ToDo you’re absolutely right, but you still have to leave a comment below if you want to win one of the three copies were giving way tonight at 11 PM.

 For more information on ToDo  check out Appigo’s website.

New In The App Store (Plus Giveaway)- Spots


On December 22, 2008

October 29– AT&T gives free hotspot access to all iPhone customers. That’s 20,000 hotspots and growing. But what of  iPod Touches?  How can they actually find a hotspot when they need one?

That’s where "Spots" comes in. Spots, the WiFi-hotspot finder, will be released on December 24! Spot helps you locate the hotspots nearest you, worldwide. Using its internal database of 230,000+ locations, Spots offers immediate results.

Spots’ integrated map tells you where the next hotspots are and which providers are available. You can navigate the map freely or use the search function to find hotspots around the world easily. Using the filter function, you can limit the results by searching for a particular provider. Hotspot details such as address, contact information and links to google maps help you to find your perfect hotspot.

* more than 230,000 hotspots worldwide
* Search for name, city, street, etc
* currently featured Providers: AT&T, T-Mobile, BT Openzone, FON
* Filter function for a particular provider
* for iPhone and iPod Touch

Spots will be price at just $1.99 when it is released on the 24th but you can be ready to go with one of four free promo codes. How????

Eggy – Review




By: Eggy

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2008-09-22

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