Paper Monsters for iPhone, iPad Review

On February 16, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Paper Monsters for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Crescent Moon Games LLC

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Crescent Moon Games

Price: $0.99

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Paper Monsters is one app that deserves much more recognition than it is given. Beyond that modest name lies an app that promises bountiful joy and hours of fun. With 4 chapters and more to come, the game delivers entertainment through the many stages in each chapter. Although obviously targeted at kids, players of all ages can enjoy this game too.

Game play involves taking control of an anthropomorphic cardboard box that looks strangely like the Shufflebot from Party Rock Anthem, and exploring the lands of the game. As the game progresses, players are met with obstacles they have to overcome. While taking place in what seems like a park, this game is definitely no walk in the park. Players have to think out of the box (no pun intended), and solve the challenges in their way. One example would be when players have to make use of an enemy’s ability to blow himself up to lower a drawbridge so that the rest of the stage can be made available for access.

One thing I like about the game would be the pipes scattered around levels. Entering such a pipe brings you to a slightly altered version of the stage, essentially making a mini bonus stage. Find the exit pipe to resume the rest of the level. While some of the pipes bring you to an entirely different environment, others bring you to a stage set in the background of the actual level. This means your character, along with the obstacles you have to overcome, will be seen in the distance while the original level scenery remains in the foreground.  This adds bonus points in my book, as it serves as an interesting alternative to boring and repetitive stages.

I must also mention that the game also comes with a customization mode, where players can decorate the cardboard box with “clothes” they can purchase using buttons obtained in game play. There are also a lot of “coming soon” features, which I suppose will make the game even more awesome than it already is.

The game presents itself in a cutesy 3D effect, making full use of the display abilities found in iOS devices. I tested the game on both my iPhone 4S and my 2nd generation iPod Touch, and be it the later or newer device, the game delivered smoothly. Sound wise, the game reminds me of those cartoons meant for preschoolers, which fits the game very aptly.

All in all, this game is definitely worth the $0.99 it costs. Despite not being fully completed as seen from the slew of “coming soon” signs, this game still impresses and although it’s target audience is most likely towards the younger crowd, teens and young adults might find this entertaining too.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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