Party Doodles – Review – Doodling just got a little more badass

On August 11, 2012

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Party Doodles – Review – Doodling just got a little more badass

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By: Cerebral Gardens

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-05-25

Developer: Cerebral Gardens

Price: Free

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It’s one thing to have a virtual chalkboard, but it’s another matter altogether to being able to play party games on it. A combination of charades, with inspiration taken from Draw Something, Party Doodles is one app that will entertain a group of friends at parties.

As per the name suggests, Party Doodles requires users to doodle. Much like charades or Draw Something, the player is required to doodle a sketch that the other players must figure out. However, the interesting part lies in the fact that players play in teams instead of individual rounds taking turns.

Should the sketch not be able to be deciphered by other players, the opposing team can choose to steal the questions for them, resulting in more points of course.

The interesting part of Party Doodles lies in the ability to synchronize and integrate with Apple TV. This features means players can now play the game on their bigger television screens, rather than crowd around a tiny iPad. This feature heavily complements and cements Party Doodles’ stance as a multiplayer party game best played in large groups.

Check out how to make the most of Party Doodles on Apple TV.

A free app, Party Doodles is worth the download. Additional level packs can be unlocked through in-app purchases.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:N.A.

Who Is It For:Group gatherings.

What I Like:The ability to integrate with Apple TV.

What I Don't Like:The game's concept is rather stale.

Final Statement:This is a great party game for gatherings of large groups.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Party Doodles is the ultimate party drawing and guessing game. All you need is your iPad and some friends or family to get started. You will have hours of fun doodling and stumping each other with this exciting new game!

Made for iPad, Designed for Apple TV

Say goodbye to chalkboards and easels. If you want to experience the ultimate game play, connect to Apple TV, draw something, and watch your masterpieces come to life on the big screen.

Awesome Features:

• Laugh out loud fun
Encourages social interaction and game play with your friends and family in real life!

• Apple TV integration
Use AirPlay mirroring to connect to your big screen TV!

• Hours of free play
We supply you with enough free content for hours of play!

• Multiplayer action
You can have two teams with up to 10 players on each team!

• Turn based gameplay
Take turns drawing or guessing. Perfect for parties and family vacations!

• 3 difficulty levels
Challenge yourselves with Easy, Medium, and Hard answers.

• Social integration?Share your masterpieces online through Facebook and Twitter.

Download Party Doodles today and get the party started!

"I was trying to draw a leather jacket, but I couldn't stop laughing"
- Sarah Cawthorne, Party Doodles Beta Tester

Note: Requires iPad 2 or the new iPad

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