Passible Review – The best password manager for iPhone and iPad

On March 16, 2015

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Passible Review – The best password manager for iPhone and iPad

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By: Clear Sky Apps

Version #: 3.14

Date Released: 2015-03-03

Developer: Clear Sky Apps

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Password manager apps and services were always a thing for Macs but, they flooded into the App Store only recently thanks to the iOS 8 extension feature, which makes using them very practical. I’ve looked into a lot of password managers before but Passible is the first one which I think I will be able to stick to. Let’s see why.

To start with, Passible is a breeze to get started, to add passwords & credit cards, and to use them. You see a list of your accounts right on the home screen and here, you can also select to add a new website login details or credit card info. All these data are stored with 256 bit encryption and needs your master password or your finger print (on newer devices) to open.

Browse the web on Safari and whenever you come across that bottle-neck login screen, just pull up the share sheet and select Passible. A new screen pops up which asks for your fingerprint/passcode, and once authorized, just tap on the right tile to auto fill the login details. If that sounds like a lot of work, use Passible’s built-in browser to automatically fill in all forms as the page loads, so that you can have a universally smooth browsing experience.


Add up to 6 favorites and color code them for quick access. Passible also comes with powerful sorting and search capabilities, and even lets you analyse the passwords for their security, so that you can take out those weak links in your digital life. If you’re using a browser on a new computer or are at an ATM, you can just open Passible and slide your finger over the corresponding account, and you’ll get a peak on your password or credit card pin. I think that is a really cool feature.

Many of these features are available on some alternatives too but, Passible is unique for the fact that it comes with an one-time purchase. Yeah, there is no need of any monthly charges and all your iOS devices are supported with a lifetime license.


But what this means is that Passible doesn’t have cloud syncing capability. Don’t worry if you’ve multiple devices; you will be able to back up your Passible data into an encrypted file that can be shared between devices manually. The lack of sync might even be a boon for those like me, who are still a bit skeptical about having all my passwords and credit cards stored on a server thousands of kilometers away, especially after the iCloud hack.

The interface of Passible is simplistic, orderly and intuitive. I really like the way their preview screens in iOS multitasking windows get blurred to protect the data. Features like 30 seconds Freedom, which waits for half a minute before shutting you out is really a time-saver, while others like 5 minute time outs on multiple failed pass code attempts makes it more secure.

At the end of the day, Passible is one of the most complete, practical and good-on-pocket password managers out there. A Mac brother should really help Passible, but the one-time purchase model should appeal to a lot of people in the interim.

Passible is now available at a special pricie of $0.99. Get Passible from the App Store.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Those who aren't attracted to subscription based password managers

What I Like:The ease of use

What I Don't Like:Mac counterpart is missing

Final Statement:A complete password manager app for iOS

Read the Developer's Notes:
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Simple, practical, and secured.

DailyTekk Magazine: “The BEST password management app, hands down”,
WINNER: Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award: UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and more
Business Insider: “A Fast and Beautiful way to never forget your passwords again”
TheNextWeb: “Brings Simplicity and a Touch of Awesome to Password Management”

Featured on The Next Web, Business Insider, Gizmodo, DailyTekk, TechNow, Make Mac, Business ETC, Apple Editor’s Choice Winner, and many more


Passible securely stores all your passwords so you never lose or forget any of them. For security - Passible encrypts the data with military strength AES-256 bit encryption so only you can access it.

When you browse to any website your login & password are automatically filled for you. No more typing tedious details in tiny fields. When you shop on the web, Passible will fill your credit card info with just a tap. Passible makes online browsing and shopping a breeze, and completely secured.

Passible is great for computer users - you can peek at your password with just a slide of the finger.

Passible is amazing at the ATM - you can peek at your credit card’s pincode with just a finger slide.

Passible includes theft protection which enforces wait times between wrong passcode entries, preventing brute force attacks should your device fall into the wrong hands. This gives you the ability to remotely wipe your device in case it is stolen, without the thief accessing your passwords.

Passible lets you know how secured you are. You can run an automated analysis of all your passwords, and Passible will tell you how secured each one is.

? Passible stores Logins & Passwords
? Logs you in to any website with one tap
? Passible stores Credit & Debit Card information
? When shopping it fills your card info with one tap
? Quick Tap Favorites to access your most used sites
? Slide to peek at a password or pincode
? Open Passible with Touch-ID
? Password Analyzer for optimal password strength
? Rapid Search
? Automatic Folders
? Secured device data
? Theft protection
? Protected & only accessible by you
? iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
? Premium Support

? AES-256 Encryption
? Encrypted data stored on your device
? Theft protection - auto timeouts between subsequent passcode entries when the wrong passcode is used.
? Encryption via a long auto-generated string (not just the pin code)

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