PDF Printer for iPad Review

On October 14, 2011

App Type: iPad

PDF Printer for iPad Review

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By: xu jianwei

Version #: 1.2

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Developer: By AOXUE.studio

Price: $3.99

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Of course most people on the planet prefer to play games on their iPads, or watch reruns of Two and a half men (though my mind always boggles at WHY on earth people find that show remotely entertaining). However, sometimes we actually do have to tackle something slightly more serious than two guys in ugly shirts, work for instance, and the iPad has turned into a great little helper for working folks, such as those of us who have to give a lot of presentations. If only you could turn any doc or page on your iPad into a PDF, it would be so much easier to share them…

Bring on the PDF converter for iPad!
Car salesmen, glib real estate agents, they all simply shove an iPad in your face and there you go! But if you wanted to download or save any documents as PDFs, back in the bad old dark ages, you still had to hook up to a computer. So then came the PDF converters for iPad, useful tools that allow you to convert any type of document to a PDF. The best one? Well, it would have to be PDF Printer!
A very practical app. it allows you to convert any document file, including .gif, .mm and C++ to name a few, and it will even let you convert webpages to PDF. Then there’s the easy sharing options: via wifi, via mail, share with other applications, air print….

The interface is clean and user friendly, there is an extensive help section, and at $3.99 it isn’t exactly cheap, but not insanely expensive either. Also available for iPhone, but I see less use for it there personally. I think the paperless, or at the very least less paper using, world is neigh and apps like these make it so easy to NOT print stuff, but just keep it as PDFs, that it it would simply be silly to waste a tree on that. So even from an environmental focus this is a great app!

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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