PDF Reader – iPhone Edition for iphone Review

On January 4, 2012

App Type: iPhone

PDF Reader – iPhone Edition for iphone Review

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By: Kdan Mobile Software

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So you got your new iDevice and you have purchased a few apps and thrown a few angry birds. As you return to the real world you find that you would like to access PDFs on the go. iBook handles your standard PDF, but it lacks the extra features like filling in forms, or easy methods for moving documents on and off the device. Into the app arena steps PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile. Can PDF Reader be your ultimate PDF tool?

With any document app on the iOS, the biggest hurdle is access to the documents themselves. Apple doesn’t give you many built in options, so developers have had to find their own ways. The most immediate method is the WiFi sharing. This opens a web accessible page to upload PDFs to the device. THere is also a nice selection of cloud services that can be attached to. Dropbox, Box.net, Google Docs, and even WebDAV and FTP are represented. You can also browse the web with an in-app browser to download PDFs from a site (I should point out that this ability should be available in the Safari.app. Do you hear me Apple?)

Once you have all your documents cozy and safe on your device, it is time to open them. PDF Reader loads pages in blocks which is almost instantaneous for most text heavy documents, but can be slow on larger graphic heavy PDFs. Forms can have text entered and signatures can be added as well lines and arrows for annotation. There are also a text search which doesn’t always work with every PDF depending on how the creator made the document.

PDFreader has several tools you can use to enhance your reading of documents. From text reformatting, to rotation locking and auto scrolling it has more powerful features than iBook has to offer. I did have a few crashes when dealing with larger PDFs, but if you find yourself working with PDF documents on a regular basis, PDFreader gives you many pro features in a small package. PDFreader is currently only $1.99, which is well worth it for the signature and form filling features alone.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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