Penny Parlor Review – Hey, that’s addictive!

On November 22, 2011

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Penny Parlor Review – Hey, that’s addictive!

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By: Games Lab Apps

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2011-10-23

Developer: Games Lab Apps

Price: 1.99

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Following the trend of mini-games that seems to be flooding the App Store, Penny Parlor builds their own variation that is based on a old time parlor theme. Instead of many other multi-game apps that feature many tiny, repetitive games that are unrelated, Games Lab Pty Limited created Penny Parlor to give more of an all immersive experience. Ultimately, they were very successful, and the theme of old style penny arcade games is very appealing for people of all ages.

Their are only four mini-games in this application, but once you really get into each one, you realize it can entertain you for hours on end. The four options are:

– American Pro Football Touchdown Frenzy!
– Super Swing Baseball
– The Amazing Golf Game “It’s a HOLE lot of fun!!”
– Smack ‘n’ Whack Cricket

Each game has it’s own addictive quality about it, and they all look exactly like the old cheap coin operated games found in old time arcades. The graphics are great, and the effect of looking at “2D” cardboard figures and ancient swinging mechanics while on your new age iPhone is absolutely wonderful. What’s even more important is the feeling of “I need to play just one more coin” that you get in a physical arcade is just as present in this virtual representation. However, since the only money you have to put up is to purchase the app, you won’t find yourself begging your parents, your friends, or your partner for more and more coins!

The area that really makes all these games so addictive is the apps integration with Game Center. While breaking your own records for touchdowns, or home runs, or holes in one is nice, being able to compare your score against other people in the world makes it beyond addicting. Another bonus about Penny Parlor specifically is that since it is a relatively new application, there aren’t the usual Game Center scores such as “999,999” touchdowns when you can only score twenty. This means you can compete on the Daily scoreboard, and that is often what keeps you coming back for more!

The menus and the overall user interface is very solid, though some games take some getting used to. At first, some games can be a bit frustrating, but the more you play the better you get at it. This is exactly like their real life counterparts, where you often spend more coins because of your frustration at how difficult the task is. The learning curve is quick, however, and that hooks you to keep on playing. The rules are simple in each game, and the opportunity to retry as many times as you want allows you to burn as much time as you want with these games.

One of the most addicting apps available, but what really separates it is the quality of the experience and the theme rather than hundreds of basic simple games like many other multi-game apps today. The old nostalgic feeling coupled with the Game Center integration will cause you to spend many more hours that you thought you would on this game, and it’s always a game that you can come back to when you are looking for some quick entertainment.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Starts off frustrating, but you learn the games quickly.

Who Is It For:People that love the old mechanical arcade games and games that cause you to feel nostalgic of the older times.

What I Like:Extremely addictive games, plus Game Center integration makes everytime you play it a new challenge.

What I Don't Like:It’s too fast on the difficult levels of Baseball and Cricket, and I would love a few more games!

Final Statement:A really great addicting games app that keeps you entertained!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Penny Parlor is 4 mini games in one!
Enter the lost world of Penny Parlor, a room filled with vintage coin operated games from a bygone era. Conquer all of the challenging and nostalgic games from yesteryear:
- American Pro Football
- Super Swing Baseball
- The Amazing Golf Game
- Smack ‘n’ Whack Cricket
Fully 3D machines utilise physics to allow you to flick, whack, swing and fling for hours of entertainment. Work your way through 4 Levels of increasing difficulty with Game Center achievements and leaderboards. Now with Universal support for iPhone and iPad!

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