Perfect Hit! Review – My latest addiction

On September 16, 2013

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Perfect Hit! Review – My latest addiction

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By: AvalonDream

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-08-29

Developer: Perfect Hit! Support

Price: $0.99

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Can Knockdown has been one of my favourite pass time games of all time and after finishing their recent third sequel, I have been searching for more. I’m glad I found Perfect Hit!

The concept is simple and similar to CK. We have a tower of blocks and you need to bring them down with some balls. In every level, there is a cute interactive Panda and I really want to talk more about him; but I have no idea what he does or is supposed to do. Anyway, the gameplay is awesome!

Each level puts up a stack of cuboids, pillows, barrels, pyramids and spheres arranged in different patterns. We have a set of balls which can be swiped across the screen to topple our virtual tower. Strike out every object on the table using the fewest balls possible and proceed.

As usual, things become addictive and harder in deeper levels, when more interesting stuff gets added to the mixture. New types of balls including double ball, triple ball, orange ball, heavy ball, magic ball and fire ball are introduced while Power-ups like extra ball, big ball and double points helps keep things light. Candies can be struck for points while some levels provide tricky Collectibles to hit.

Perfect Hit! packs hours of gameplay with 200 levels sorted into five themed worlds and promises of more levels ‘coming soon’. Two bucks can unlock all levels at once, but most wouldn’t need that. Based on the performance, Stars are awarded and trying to get’em all is what makes this game addictive. The collectibles can also unlock challenging and unique Bonus levels too.

The graphics is colourful and animated somewhat similar to Rise of Blobs and the sound effects are really entertaining. Occasional popup Achievements and written Comments also elevates the experience. The controls however needs some time to get used.

In short, Perfect Hit! is an addictive title which provides tons of premium entertainment in a small price tag. Get it now, while its on a 50% off sale.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Can Knockdown lovers

What I Like:The huge collection of levels

What I Don't Like:None so far

Final Statement:A perfect hit, indeed!

Read the Developer's Notes:
**** Perfect SALE! 50% OFF for a limited time only. Hurry, hurry! ****

Lets get ready to crumble! Jump into a flicking good time with Perfect Hit! now! Put your aiming and throwing skills to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to demolish every challenge that stands in your way now!

Perfect Hit! is a wild new take on “aim & flick” gaming where accuracy and all-out fun are the name of the game! Join your Panda pal and roll, throw, and strike your way through hundreds of diverse levels across various exotic locations!

?The Setup: Every level presents you with a different formation of objects on a tabletop, just begging to be knocked off. Think bowling - but on a whole other level!

?The Challenge: Throw balls at each formation you come across - but don’t just throw to your hearts content! The less balls you use to complete each level the higher your score climbs, and if there’s anything left on the table when you run out of balls its game over!

Every level in Perfect Hit! features a 3 “Pineapple” scoring system that rewards you based on how well you can wreak destruction at each stop! To boot, there’s constantly new special balls and interactive elements being dropped into the mix to keep gameplay fresh and exciting - an awesome addition considering that Perfect Hit! features 200 levels spread across 5 unique worlds!

Perfect Hit! Features:

?200 challenging levels spread across 5 unique settings including: Bamboo Dream, Point Break, In the Sky, Deep Space, Under the Sea - and more set to be added soon!

?Intuitive flick gesture based controls!

?Countless bonus elements and special balls to keep gameplay fresh - Cloning balls, exploding oranges, dynamite, and everything in between is fair play!

?Hundreds of collective artifacts to collect!

?Game Center leaderboard integration to let you compete against the world!

?Powerful, innovative physics-engine enabled gameplay!

?Optimized for iPhone 5!

?Full Retina HD display support!

?Dozens of unlockable achievements to keep you motivated to win!

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