Petting Zoo – Animal Animations Review – A refreshingly pleasant surprise

On January 17, 2014

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Petting Zoo – Animal Animations Review – A refreshingly pleasant surprise

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By: Fox & Sheep

Version #: 1.3

Date Released: 2013-11-26

Developer: Fox & Sheep

Price: 2.99

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I’m a little tired of 3D interactive apps that allow for users to find out about animals and the like; there’s simply too many of those. So Petting Zoo – Animal Animations came in as a refreshingly pleasant surprise.

For starters, Petting Zoo is just what the app title suggests. Users get to interact with 21 different animals by tapping at them on the screen. But that’s where the similarities with the rest of the genre ends. You see, Petting Zoo does not feature realistic 3D graphics; but neither does it provide choppy clumps. What Petting Zoo does is present its animation in the form of doodles, and cleverly expands upon that concept.

Petting Zoo uses brilliantly drawn sketches to animate animals in a different light. One particular feature that made me chuckle was how the app seamlessly integrated transitioning between animals through these doodles. When switching between animals, a brilliant animation morphs the current creature into the next. And how this is done is simply amazing.

Also, tapping on the animals will bring out unique surprises. Things like dogs dying themselves into knots or droopy antlers on a stag, I will leave it up to your exploratory pleasure to find out.

Priced at $2.99, Petting Zoo is indeed something different. I would definitely recommend this.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Kids and pretty much anyone who would like something refreshing

What I Like:The doodles are just so creative

What I Don't Like:A pity only 21 types of animals are drawn

Final Statement:What does the fox say?

Read the Developer's Notes:
21 beautifully animated animals. Full of surprises, wit and quirky animations!
"A wonderful App for all ages!" "Absolutely adorable" — USA TODAY
Over 1 million downloads!

From acclaimed author and illustrator Christoph Niemann comes this interactive picture book. Swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they react. This app combines the charm of hand made animations and Niemann's wry humor with state of the art technology. What would an elephant in your bathroom do? Can a dog breakdance? A storybook app unlike all others!


• 21 hand-drawn animales with suprising and great animations
• Playful, musical sounds for each animal
• Fun for all ages, from infants to adults
• No english required; animals don't speak english


"Moms and dads will likely find that the app’s interface is not just fun for the kids, but also enjoyable for adults as well." — WIRED

"Absolutely adorable" — USA TODAY

"A Quirky and absolutely charming app" — CNET 5/5

"Fizzing with character, craft, and humor" — THE GUARDIAN

"An alligator’s teeth become guitar strings, an octopus’s arms serve as a mandolin. It’s adorable, goofy, and immensely entertaining." — FASTCOMPANY

"Possibly the loveliest app you'll download this week/month/year." — CREATIVEREVIEW

“Four little thumbs-up in my household for this one.” — KOTTKE

"Petting Zoo is one of those rare apps that brings out the kid in all of us." — MACLIFE

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