pFlix: pocket flix – Review

On December 18, 2008

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pFlix: pocket flix – Review

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By: pFlix- pocket flix

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2008-09-02

Developer: Michael Bahl

Price: 0.99

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Once again, the first time  you start this application you need to put in your Netflix account information.  and once again, it was a simple, quick process. The application is a bit different than the rest. Yes, it allows you to search the Netflix catalog and check your Netflix queue but it also adds a "social" dimension.

On a more basic side of the application things work rather well. At the top of the screen is a search icon that opens up your typical iPhone search window. In the name of the movie you’re looking for and it quickly searches the database for any available movies. Under the "releases" tab you find a large less of the newest movies to appear on Netflix.  under the "top 100" list you find a list of the top 100 movies currently available on Netflix and being viewed by Netflix subscribers. The same goes under the "top 25 by genre" list.

On the "queue management" side of things the developer did a very nice job. You can look at your current queue and, if you’re not happy with the order in which the movies are in your queue you can simply tap "edit" and start reordering your queue with the flick of a finger. The "recent activity" tab shows you which movies are currently at home and which have been recently returned. The "recommendations tab provides recommendations. The "reviews" tab shows the reviews that you’ve submitted. And the "movies at home" tab shows you which movies are currently out (and have been buried under a pile of old newspapers meaning that you won’t get the next film until you actually find the movie and send it back).

There’s a tab for "free trial" which is a nice marketing feature to get more people using Netflix. Props go to the developer for including us.

What makes this application of a different is that when you actually look at the movie’s details it not only shows you the cover of the DVD, a short synopsis of the movie, the movie rating and the average Netflix users rating of it but it also includes  tabs lets you interact with others. The "youtube"  button immediately pulls out all of the videos available on YouTube  for that movie. The "share with e-mail" button lets you e-mail information on the movie to the person of your choosing. (It also has an active link so that the recipient can download the application and another one to sign up for a Netflix trial.) And the "tweet"  button lets you send a tweet  to the recipient of your choice telling them about the movie.

In all, this is an impressive application that  provides almost all of the basic necessities  for viewing  and managing your Netflix queue and searching Netflix for new movies  to watch.  In addition to come up it does so with an excellent user interface that is a pleasure to use. Best of all it has a number of features for interacting with others while using the application that aren’t present elsewhere. All of this makes the application were the $.99 the currently costs. My only criticism of the application is that, once again, what does an excellent job of managing your physical DVD queue it does not include access to your instant queue.

Other than that however it’s a one.

Quick Take

Value: High.  While there are applications available under free be added aspects of this application certainly make up for the $.99 cost.
Would I Buy Again:  Perhaps, but I still want an application that handles both my physical DVD queue and my instant queue.
Learning Curve:  low
Who is it for:  someone who loves Netflix and wants to manage their Netflix account on the go and share their favorite movies with others.
What I like:  Basic features of the application are done very well, and the added features are terrific.
What I Don’t:  Addresses the physical DVD queue but not the instant one.

Final Statement:   A good application with one, significant, omission.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Pocket Flix (pFlix) is the most powerful, feature rich movie app just got better! Now you can share movie recommendations the twitterverse(! See latest news here

*** 12/08 LATEST ***pFlix 1.1 accepted! This version has some fixes and sharing via twitter! You'll be able to share and recommend movies and see the communities recommendations on twitter. We are working on updating the web site with more details.


View, update, reorder your movie queue....boring! We put the ability to share your movies with your friends&family whenever and wherever you want. Whether you want to search, recommend or watch trailers, pFlix turns a bland movie queue into the center of your conversations. Oh yeah, you can send yourself and your friends Netflix free trials.

Public Features(no account required)- recommend movies with!- rate movies with!- Search for movies- View movie details- Watch YouTube related content- Send Netflix free trials to friends- Send movie details to friends- View Top 100 movies- View Top 25 movies by genre- New Releases

Personal Features(Netflix account required)- All public features- View your movie queue- Reorder your movie queue- Add movies to movie queue- Remove movies from movie queue- Send movies in your queue to friends- View you recent activity- View movie recommendations- View your movie reviews- Send your movie reviews to your friends- View movies at home

Settings- Login information- Ability to save the app state so you'll open to the same screen as when you closed app.- Save twitter id and password- Option to turn off images
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