PhoneFlix – Review

On December 18, 2008

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PhoneFlix – Review

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By: PhoneFlix - Netflix for the iPhone

Version #: 1.3

Date Released: 2008-09-22


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The first time you start the application you are, as usual, asked to input your personal Netflix account information and to give the application permission to access your account. This is standard fare and it worked just fine. I was up in using application within a few seconds.

When you start this Netflix queue application you met with a familiar screen layout. Find icons along the bottom over you "My Netflix", "Search", "Browse", "Popular", and "Account".

Under "My Netflix" there are four choices. You can take a look in your queue, your recent activity, recommendations, and reviews that you have added. It’s textbased so it doesn’t look all that impressive until you click on "My Netflix Queue". It opens up a window that shows you the movies that are in your queue with both an image of the DVD package, the title in a position in your queue. Tapping on any particular movie gives you a full summary of the movie, some information on the movie including stars, directors, genre, and rating, and the average Netflix rating. It also has a wonderful option to change the position of the movie in your queue. (I love that.)

The search window is familiar to anyone who’s used an iPhone or an iPod Touch for more than a minute. As you type in your query it quickly narrows down the options. A quick tap on the one you want and you brought to the movie page. Again it has a picture of the DVD package come out a synopsis, and other information. There is, as well, a large button to add the movie to your queue.

The "Browse" icon lets you browse by genre and the "Popular" icon gives you a variety of "Top…" movie lists.

In all, the application is easy to use, works well, allows you to search with ease, and makes it easy to add movies to your queue. It is, unfortunately, lacking the ability to search, and control, your instant viewing queue. That’s a shame because it’s a major limitation in an otherwise terrific application. Best of all, the application is completely free.

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again:  Maybe
Learning Curve:  Low
Who is it for: Netflix lovers with iPhones. (or is it iPhone lovers with Netflix?)
What I like: Browse, add, and sort your queue with ease. Free
What I Don’t:  No access to your instant queue

Final Statement:  A good free ap with one major ommision

Read the Developer's Notes:
PhoneFlix is a FREE program that lets you manage your Netflix queue when you're on the move. With PhoneFlix, your iPhone can,

- Add and remove movies from your Netflix Queue.

- Search and browse through Netflix's catalog of over 100,000 titles including New Releases, Classic Movies, and TV Favorites.

- View your recent activity, recommendations, and reviews.

PhoneFlix requires a Netflix account.

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