Pianochords – Review

On January 18, 2009

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Pianochords – Review

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By: mekentosj.com

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-15


Price: 1.99

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Piano Chords is a 2 octave piano that allows the user to select and listen to either single notes or chords.

There is a display above the keys that spells out the notes and chords. If you touch that same display a window will appear that has a selection of all typical chords that can be applied to the piano for further examination. Once a chord type is selected you will be returned to the main piano window to listen to the new chord you’ve selected.
There are arrows on either side of the display window allowing the user to hear various "inversions" of each chord.
The piano samples are very clear and easy to listen to. Once you see how to operate the application all standard notes and chords are available for you to listen to and analyze.

This is really more for the fairly seriously musically interested user. For aspiring musicians of intermediate levels this little app could be very useful. A very clever learning tool! I like it!

Quick Take

Value: This is a very clever little tool for the musically inclined. It makes chordal analyzation clear and easily accessible.

Would I Buy Again: Yes, and give my iPhone/iTouch musician friends a copy (via iTunes of course)

Learning Curve: Operation is straight forward if you found the instructions located on the bottom of the piano accessible via the "i" button.

Who Is It For: This application is best suited to the serious musical student or intermediate musician expanding his musical knowledge.

What I Like: This application is a straight forward approach to learning about chords and their variations in any key.

What I Don’t: If you don’t disable the "auto lock" function on your iPhone/iTouch the program will freeze and you’ll have to restart it from the main application menu. This is something they should fix.

Final Statement:
This is an interesting music program using a small piano section to allow the user to listen to notes and chords. With two octaves, all standard chords can be heard. This is a well thought out and executed little program that could benefit many musically inclined and musicians wishing to increase their current knowledge!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Never forget a chord anymore. Pianochords allows you to easily look up all those nasty keyboard and piano chords. Major, minor, sus, flat and sharp, they are all there. Just press a key on the keyboard to set the root of the chord and click the display to select the derived chord.The perfect companion for every piano and keyboard player!FEATURES- choose from over 50 derived chords from all 12 keys- shift chords up and down to see all variants- toggle between single key and chord mode- uses openAL to play selected chords using high-quality piano samples.- great looking and super intuitive user interface
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