PicIT24 Review – Best social app of the year?

On December 31, 2012

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PicIT24 Review – Best social app of the year?

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By: Frederik Sachs

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-12-14

Developer: Frederik Sachs

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I’m not easily impressed with social apps. After all, we are constantly bombarded with updates via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare. Why yet another app? Why PicIT24?

The important point was already made in the previous paragraph. We are constantly bombarded. We don’t consume our friends’s and acquaintances’s updates, we are being constantly assaulted by these updates. Who has just eaten in McDonalds, pictures of other people’s cats and who has just read an article. Why so much noise? Focus!

PicIT24 is the app that lets you focus in your (and your relatives, friends and workmates) social vibe. How? Just one update per day. As simple as that. There’s no option to post any more. As soon as you open the app and log in (something you only have to do the first time you open it) you’ll be greeted with a timer, showing the remaining hours for the day. Once you have made your day’s update, that’s it: until tomorrow nothing more.

Imagine how less noisy our feeds would be this way: just one shining moment from each people you follow, nothing more, nothing less. You’d think twice before posting anything that is not worthwhile. No more silly pictures, only cool ones.

PicIT24 offers 10 filters to enhance your pictures, adding some shades to change its mood. The app of course also offers text updates, for your brilliant insights, ideas or quotes.

In short: PicIT24 is the best social app we have seen this year, hands down. You should definitely grab it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Zero

Who Is It For:Any social media user

What I Like:To the point, great design

What I Don't Like:Missing an universal version of it

Final Statement:A great social app, definitely worth the download. Get your friends on it!

Read the Developer's Notes:
**Featured in Mashable**

Do you love sharing updates with your friends and family but feel like there is just way too much information to really know what’s going on? Would you rather see one GREAT update over a bunch of thoughtless ones? Do you feel like your updates are getting swallowed up by all the noise?

Then download PicIT24 it’s a FREE app that lets you share only one update within a 24 hour period. The app makes sure that you are sharing only the most meaningful moment in your day, by limiting you to only 1 photo and 1 quote per day.

Use your camera to capture photos or upload ones you already have in your album. Enhance photos with over 10 filters. Write a daily quote which sums up your day, how you feel or what you want to say. A timer and notifications will help you keep track of your remaining time to share each day.

Invite your friends to follow or use the app’s popular/recommended members to create feeds of daily updates. You can also group your followers like your friends or family to stay in touch with them faster! Furthermore check out what Pics are most popular across all members in the app's charts: Top Pics by Day, Month or Year.

Stay in touch, save time and only share those moments that mean something. Make sharing simple again. With PicIT24, less is more.

Download the app and sign-up to get started.

App Features:

• Share Photos: Take new ones or upload from your album

• Photo Filters: 10 filters to make your photos look even better

• Write Quotes: Express your update in a short quote

• Follow Friends: Create a feed of people you know or are recommended to see their daily photos and quotes

• Group People: Create groups of people to easily see updates from your entire family or groups of friends

• View What’s Popular: Check out the Top Updates by Day, Month, Year from all PicIT24 members

• Invite Friends: Use our Facebook and Twitter integration to easily find friends you already like to share things with.

• Get Notified: We’ll remind you when your time is almost up to share for the day

• Find memories on a specific day: Search you and your friends feeds by using our handy calendar

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