PilotWizz – Review

On September 11, 2008

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PilotWizz – Review

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By: Sean Harding

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-01


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Calling all pilots, calling all pilots!!

We are all constantly lugging flight cases full of flight information around on our flights. Yes, we love our gadgets but sometimes it’s important to be able to concentrate on specific aspects of each flight without having to reach all around the cockpit for the answers. It’s not enough that we bring earphone systems with us. Current navigational maps when opened up take up lots of room and, if in book form, sometimes weigh more than they should. We’re forever calculating weights and balances particularly in the smaller aircraft in general aviation. We have fuel burns and capacities to be concerned about along with the weight of each passenger and their luggage.

So……… what would be the most convenient and useful application that could put most of these weighty items in a smaller package??? Your Apple iPhone or iTouch can have the perfect companion for you on your every flight! The following are selected windows for your inspection…..









This little bit of software could make a pilot’s life so much easier by having all the necessary prepared information already available stored in your iPhone or Touch just waiting to assist you through your entire flight. A well organized pilot would have pre-programmed his entire flight with the pertinent information needed for a safe enjoyable flight. Just imagine having all your full aircraft weights, fuel capacities plus reserves, luggages and souls onboard already calculated and recorded to verify being inside the safe weight and balance envelope by just opening your Apple iPhone or Touch.

Being able to calculate your holding patterns and crosswind components clearly and simply in case of an arrival delay would be a very helpful tool. Double checking your route plan and projected weather conditions would ease your mind while in flight.

Making a smooth landing with moderate to strong crosswinds is essential to a successful touchdown. This little function will assist a busy pilot with proper setting up the aircraft for landing.

The Pilot Whiz is the pilot’s answer to ending cockpit clutter and affords him or her a very compact central source of information covering all aspects of the flight in the palm of their hand! You can get it FREE at the Apple Store!


Quick Take

Value:  For the active pilot, excellent!
Would I Buy Again:  Absolutely
Learning Curve: For the active pilot, very short
Who is it for: The Active General Aviation pilot.
What I like: The compact size and total functionality of the software and the well written program that addresses the needs of the single pilot’s cockpit.
What I Don’t: That this didn’t exist when I was a young pilot!

Final Statement: This is a fully functional program that is a great addition to any consciencious pilot wishing to keep a well organized and uncluttered cockpit!
Go to the Itunes story and get it…..!!!!  NOW!!!


Read the Developer's Notes:
Pilot Wiz has been designed by GA pilots for GA pilots. It provides all of the basic conversions , calculations and key functions to keep you?ying safely.

It has most of the wizz wheel (E6B or CRP-1) functions. And more importantly provides Weight and Balance, Fuel calculations, Holding Patterns, Crosswinds, Weather Decoding and Route Planning. It can also operate in most international units.O U R   T A K E . . .

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