Plango for iphone, ipad Review

On November 19, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Plango for iphone, ipad Review

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By: GoAct Inc

Version #: 1.3.2

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Developer: By GoAct, Inc.

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If you have ever been charged with planning a party of other gathering you know the struggle of getting everyone’s schedule in sync and keeping everyone abreast of detail changes. With almost everyone on Facebook these days, there is a golden opportunity to utilize their events feature as a way to connect with other attendees and to help organize events. Plango takes this a step further but integrating their web based planning software with Facebook in order to help you get people to events, whether it be for coffee, or a wedding.

Plango doesn’t require Facebook to be effective. You can send invites via email, Facebook, or text message, and recipients will be able to join the events since Plango is its own online service at The advantage of connecting with Facebook is that the service integrates fully with it so when you make changes they are posted out to the Facebook attendees.

Enough about Facebook, lets look at the app itself. WHen you start you have the inbox which shows you events you are in and any new happens for them. Attendees can chat within each event so if you wanted to choose a restaurant you can do so within the actual event. You also have tabs for a calendar, which shows not only our plunge events, but pulls calendar entries from Apple’s official app. Skipping over the enlarged add button, you have a friends tab where you can follow other plunge users to see what calendars they have shared publicly. Finally there is a profile tab where you can get an overview of your profile and make changes to it.

Features-wise Plango has a lot in common with Facebook’s events but takes the organizing and connection to a higher level by letting your friends come from Facebook or not. The calendar also has an interesting features call map view. It lets you see your events laid out on a calendar for any given day. This would make it much easier to plan a route if you will be driving all over town.

If you like to plan events a head of time and need a tool to help everyone who is attending connect and RSVP, Plango is definitely a good solution. I like that other users are not obligated to actually have Plango which makes it a more inclusive solution than straight Facebook. I would have liked to see other social service integrations like Foursqaure, and twitter, but perhaps these can come in later updates. Plango is a free app on the app store, so give it a try and see if it helps make things easier for that next birthday party.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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