Pluto Learns Piano for ipad Review

On January 3, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Pluto Learns Piano for ipad Review

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By: Pluto Games

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Not to be confused with Disney’s pup character, Pluto is a penguin that teaches children (or adults) how to play the piano. It does this using simple repetition or a game that I’ll get to in a moment. By obtaining points through successfully playing the songs you can unlock and download other songs to play.

The app has two ways for the user to learn music. One is simply following along on a piano with the highlighted keys. The other emulates a set of guitar strings and you have to move Pluto up and down to the right “string” to the fish-shaped note. Pluto “eats” the note and continues to the next note until the end of the song. You also have to avoid obstacles such as incorrect notes and octopi (yes, you read that right).

If I were to suggest improvements, one would be to include the name of the note on the piano keys so children would know which note they were playing. Also, you could combine the two games and show the sheet music in the piano game with the proper notes highlighted. But that’s a minor complaint.

The app comes with a simple help file to learn the rules. This app could be very helpful in teaching your tot the fundamentals of playing the piano. However, the app is free so you can’t beat the price. A child could learn to play through imitation and repetition, but in the end this is a supplement and not a substitute for learning the subtleties and grandness of music through proper piano lessons.

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