Pocket Army Review – Don’t expect to be supreme commander

On March 12, 2013

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Pocket Army Review – Don’t expect to be supreme commander

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By: Pine Entertainment

Version #: 3.2.0

Date Released: 2012-12-19

Developer: Pine Entertainment

Price: Free

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To be honest, I was kind of expecting more from this game. After all, the name Pocket Army gave me assumptions that I could raise an army of my own and send them to war. What I got was close, but somehow did not come close to what I was looking for.

The word army in the game title can be rather misleading. In this case, players actually control a single, hero-like avatar where they can command him to do simple actions like move left and right as well as unleash different unlockable skills to wrought wrath and destruction upon enemies. As far as an army is concerned, this has the player supported by a rather small amount of supplementary characters that cannot be controlled, which automatically dish damage to enemy hordes by being assistance characters. These units can be unlocked and upgraded as the game progresses.

Actual game play has a degree of depth to it. While the main aim is to clear stage after stage of increasing difficulty, where killing all the enemy troops are key, the game also involves strategy and investment skills where players have to cleverly position avatars representing their ‘troops’ as well as upgrade their heroes to maximum benefit.

Of course, given how Pocket Army is a free app, in-app purchases form a critical part of the game.

I’d definitely recommend this game if you have the time and interest to dedicate to it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Battles are easy but understanding the game system takes a while to digest

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The graphics are very cute and the game play process is smooth to navigate

What I Don't Like:In-app purchases give an obviously biased edge over completely free gameplay

Final Statement:Draw your swords and prepare for battle

Read the Developer's Notes:
Join more than 2 million players as you build your own empire in Pocket Army!


Play with your friends, build your army and lead them in frantic real-time battle against evils of ever increasing power. Pocket Army brings together army-building, RPG elements, hack and slash action quests, and friend competition, resulting in an engaging gameplay experience.



* Play online with millions of other players
* Gorgeous RETINA graphics
* Customize your hero via dozens of unique skills, weapons, armors, shields and rings
* Invite friends to fight for you and make your army stronger!
* Build an epic army of swordsmen, archers, magicians and many other unit types
* Plan strategy for each real time battle
* Intense battle with BOSS!
* Conquer enemies across the vast world map
* Dozens quests to complete
* Join monthly events for rare rewards


Make sure you play online to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up online.

PLEASE NOTE! Pocket Army is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the "Restrictions" menu on your device.

* Works on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen), and iPad, iPad 2 and the New iPad. *

Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Pocket Army is published by Pine Entertainment


Official Trailer: https://youtu.be/Q75N9mBkUgQ

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