Pocket Climber Review – Climb the virtual Petronas!

On November 14, 2012

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Pocket Climber Review – Climb the virtual Petronas!

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By: Punchbox Studios 2012

Version #: 1.02

Date Released: 2012-10-28

Developer: Pocket Climber Support

Price: Free

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After the waves created by Temple Run, we’ve seen alot of gesture-controlled endless games and Pocket climber is one such mutated variants. Although not exactly a clone of the former, Pocket Climber surely has its roots conceived from it, but just like many other copies this one hasn’t quite grown to the bar defined by the yellow idol.

Basically, you are a professional climber and here, something like the Petronas is your victim. Our climber jumps from bar to bar and proceeds automatically, while you swipe the screen maneuvering him away from his fall of death. As you climb up, window cleaners’ cranes, open windows, balconies and broken shafts block your way. Occasionally, we see grannies dusting mats, people throwing junk out of the window and furniture bulging out. You can swipe up to jump over or swipe right or left to change to the track aside and avoid being terminated.

Along the way up, occasional theme changes occur into offices, pyramids etc (see screenshots below) which are different in appearance, obstructions and the thrown out junks. Whenever you start falling, you can seek the safety-rope by spending coins and continue your run. You can collect gold coins along the way or buy them via IAP.

Though the idea is good, the execution is rather poor. The game lags alot and is also buggy. Sometimes you are blocked on all sides while other times, the platform just disappears. The idea to continue with coins is unjustified as this renders the high-score invalid. Bragging with friends is ineffective as the more you spend, the more you score. The number of coins required to save you increase as the game progress while this game is too hard to avoid falling.
To conclude, though this buggy game claims to be free, it compels you to shed some bucks  The proportionality of score and gameplay-skill is lacking and Temple Run seems too good a game. But the AppStore stats seem to think otherwise and so, you can always check this out to find out if we differ in our taste for games. But as far as I am concerned, I am going to delete this one and stick with the running explorer.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, if they remove the continue option

Learning Curve:Low-medium

Who Is It For:Those who need a break from Temple Run

What I Like:The idea of a building climber

What I Don't Like:The continue option

Final Statement:Reach new heights with Pocket Climber

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CNET: "Outstanding ... a worthy purchase, incredibly easy to pick up and play"
Appolicious: "a quick little time-waster... same fun of endless runner... but altering it a bit to make it feel fresh"
148apps: “simple, fun endless runner that excels with great controls and interesting obstacles”
Slide to Play: "Vivid graphics; responsive controls"
GamerChica: "Definitely give it a try if you love endless games"
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? For your safety, please don’t imitate any in game actions at home.

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