Pocket Devil: XMAS HOLIDAY EDITION – Review

On December 15, 2009

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Pocket Devil: XMAS HOLIDAY EDITION – Review

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When a game is a raving success like Pocket God, it’s only natural that competitors would develop similar games (although I’m not sure Pocket God is a game, it’s more a sadistic fantasy).

Pocket Devil wanders close to the original premise but stays far enough away to prevent litigation.  The Christmas edition has more Santa in it, but stays pretty close to the non-Christmas version.

The premise is that you are the Devil and you’re torturing denizens of Hell (although they look kind of cute and somewhat reminiscent of the islanders on Pocket God).  There are some variations from its competitor, such as the inclusion of a female devil to tempt the men. 

Unlike Pocket God, there is actual blood in this game.  Pocket God has characters that get eaten by ants, turned into zombies or vampires and burned to death by lightning or intense heat, but there is no blood.  With Pocket Devil, you can impale the devils on spikes or cut their heads off.  You can even try and summon more creatures. The closest thing to benevolence that you can do to them is turn them into angels to send to Heaven.

Pocket Devil is a lot of fun particularly for those who feel that Pocket God is not gruesome enough.  However, what Pocket Devil seems to lack, is the additions that come free with each update that Pocket God has.  While torturing and maiming can get you so far, there comes a point where one becomes bored with it.

Overall Pocket Devil is a fun investment.

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Would I Buy Again:Most likely.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:The sick and twisted.

What I Like:That it's sick and twisted.

What I Don't Like:Could use changes over time to keep it interesting.

Final Statement:If you're more Halloween than Christmas, this is the app for you.

Read the Developer's Notes:
The seasons have changed, and a new climatic shift has spun about Pocket Devil’s landscape. Santa’s the star of this chapter and wants to take the Mugat2 for a reindeer-ride. He's the real deal, not just a psycho in a Santa suit. He & his reindeer come down to the" Winter Underland ", so help him sweep some Mugat2 off their feet. He's looking for elves. So before you allow him to make faithful new elves of them, make sure you first make them your very own holiday treat. There are two new mini-games:“Mugat2 Slapfest”: How many Mugat2 can you slap in a minute? “Save-a-Mugat2”: How many Mugat2 can you catapult thru the ringed-hole-to-heaven w/ the slingshot? In this new chapter, there are more methods of making meat of the Mugat2. Since your options are expanding, please search and destroy.The afterlife is at your beck and call so fire away the life of a Mugat2 and then figure out how to execute the next step of their non-existence. The actions of those mugat2s are solely up to you. You are the master and commander; so let your hands walk alongside your imagination, to make things happen. Will you play naughty or nice? Only time and your temper will tell.There are no sins in the underworld and no mistakes, so make the Mugat2 mad if you so desire. Surviving is overrated, so either send them into a state of misery or sanctify them with sweet dreams. But please be sure to remember, what happens in hell stays in hell!
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