Pocket Snapper Review – Much more than a camera

On August 28, 2012

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Pocket Snapper Review – Much more than a camera

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By: Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-07-30

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Price: Free

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Another one of those camera apps to show you how underutilized the default camera app is, Pocket Snapper gives you the feel of handling a profession DSLR camera on your mobile device. Plus, the app lets you live the dream of being a professional photographer.

To start off, Pocket Snapper is in its bare essence a fancier version of the default camera app. Here, a frame simulating what you would see in a professional camera is superimposed onto whatever your lens is up against, giving the impression of said camera. I like how the developers took pains to make sure that this was not just superficial, and that the superimposed slider at the bottom was actually able to let users zoom in on images just like a real DSLR camera would. The downside would be that images are plain and do not come with filters unlike other camera apps. However, users can edit their photos after they are done taking them through the app.

The awesome part about Pocket Snapper lies in the iModel function which plays a video of an actual model posing for a photo shoot while users snap away at her. The interesting part lies in the fact that users have to physically move and tilt their devices around to maneuver around the video for the best angle. This makes the whole experience a very realistic simulation of a professional photo shoot. In the same iModel menu you can snap photos of videos, either older ones from the Camera Roll or videos taken from within Pocket Snapper. Now you can get beautiful still frames from moving objects (a child playing, your pet, a car.)

All in all, Pocket Snapper is a great app. While the app is not particularly fantastic in terms of raw photography, its true charm lies in the simulation feature that turns a regular picture app into a something much more exciting. A free app, don’t wait any longer. Get it on the app store now!

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Photography fans

What I Like:The iModel concept

What I Don't Like:The lack of filters and effects

Final Statement:There's more than meets the eye

Read the Developer's Notes:
“Massive camera app for iPhone”–Addictivetips
“Perfect for professional and amateur photographers with its attention to detail”– Cool iPhone Apps
No more blurry or missed shots! Pocket Snapper helps you take brilliant photos of moving objects or dynamic scenes out of clips. Record every valuable moment with Pocket Snapper and take snapshots from your self-recorded videos. All the memories and surprising moments can be perfectly preserved both in the form of film and image!

Pocket Snapper offers you more than just the photo fun! We have prepared pre-installed video clips of glamorous models that allow you to practice your photo shooting skills just as if you were in an authentic photo studio! Experience the fun of fashion photographers first hand! Pocket Snapper makes a perfect photo shooting app for both professional and amateurs. The creativity that goes into the app not only provides users an exclusive iModel shooting experience but also lets users take advantage of its advanced photo-taking/editing technologies to customize photos.

Pocket Snapper provides dozens of amazing effects and diverse layouts to decorate and arrange photos in your desired way. Every tap leads you to unexpected surprises that light up your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. What is more, we have launched a series of stylish magazine covers that turn everyone into a fashionable model. More editing options and photo enhancement tools in Pocket Snapper await you to explore. Discover the artistic side in you and let your creativity run wild.

We have created a community, “SnapLife,” where you can view and share your masterpieces while being inspired by other photo enthusiasts! It is a perfect platform for you to share and compare. Let your beautiful pictures tell their own stories. All you need is a simple one-step registration and you are about to be amazed like never before! More upcoming features such as new filters, special effects, frames, and layouts are provided exclusively to members, so don’t count yourself out and stay connected!

Pocket Snapper is an on-going project. Soon we will let you upload and share your self-recorded videos for others to edit and take pictures from. Get ready to see yourself as the iModel! Stay tuned!

?Powerful Camera Functions
*Fast photo capture and instant save
*Innovative iModel mode
*Smart focus system
*Adjustable self- timer

?Awesome Photo Editing Options
*73 artistic filters for endless fun
*24 stylish frames to make your photos unique
*4 collages to make creative layouts
*Amazing special effects to make stunning pictures

?Intuitive User Interface
*Simple and intuitive user interface
*Stylish and user interface design
*Easy picture management

?Tons of ways to share your photo
*Instant Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube

What’s New in Version 1.1
*HD video recording feature
*Capture photos from your self-recorded videos
*New iModel films
*New Layout styles
*Add text while arranging layouts
*New filters and effects
*Perspective cropping
*Add dialog boxes in your photos

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