PocketMac RingtoneStudio

On July 1, 2008

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PocketMac RingtoneStudio

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By: PocketMac

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Date Released: 2008-07-01


Price: 14.95

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I want custom ringtones on my iPhone… what to do, what to do?

I could purchase ringtones for tracks I already own from iTunes but that just isn’t cost efficient. (read- it’s a rip-off)


I could use Garageband to simply and easily create ringtones from any track on my harddrive (yes I mean ANY track YOU own), but that takes a bit of research to learn how to do it. (a little research, not a lot)




I could spend $14.95 forPocketMac’s RingTone studio and easily and automatically turn any un-drm-ed music (and we mean UN-DRM-ED) into 30 second ringtones. (what could be easier!)



HMMMM- ripoff vs. free vs limited plus $15 for the software?

Our Take?? It doesn’t matter how nice the interface of RingToneStudio is- as a post at TUAW notes the

application doesn’t do anything that you can’t already do with GarageBand and a little bit of knowledge 

What does a "bit of knowledge" mean? Let me put it this way- I was using my first Mac for less than a week last fall before I started using GarageBand to simply and easily make whatever ringtones I wanted. It didn’t take any experience to speak of and once you created the first ringtone it was an absolutely simple process from there.

I even blogged about it over at JustAnotheriPhoneBlog noting–

Hidden under the “Share” menu in GarageBand 08 is a button to send custom tunes to iTunes as a ringtone. Say what? That’s right, you can now create your own ringtone and use it on the iPhone without having to first perform a jailbreak.

Having never before used GarageBand I wanted to see what all the fuss is about so I fired up the program, recorded some notes and sent it to iTunes. A short sync with my iPhone later and… a new ringtone.


Since RingToneStudio is Mac only and every Mac ships with GarageBand if you are on a Mac you already OWN the tools you need to create ringtones.

Sorry PocketMac but our recommendation is this-

Use the stock ringtones that come on the iPhone (there are enough of them already). If you must have custom ringtones use GarageBand and save the $15 to use on an app or two next week.

Heck, we couldn’t even find a free demo to try the software.


Read the Developer's Notes:
PocketMac® RingtoneStudio™ for iPhone allows you to easily create ringtones from practically any multimedia file -- from QuickTime movies to unprotected music files of all types. It requires no iPhone hacking and the iPhone doesn't even have to be connected to our computer in order to create ringtones. Creating ringtones with RingtoneStudio is a simple- Drag a movie or unprotected music file onto PocketMac RingtoneStudio.If the movie or song is less than 30 seconds in length it will automatically be converted.If the movie or song is longer than 30 seconds the program allow the user to select a 30 second clip.Completed ringtones are automatically place into the iTunes' "Ringtones" folder and during the next sync new ringtones are added to the iPhone. READ OUR TAKE HERE

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