Posegram Review – Posing Photography

On September 5, 2013

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Posegram Review – Posing Photography

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By: Wanman

Version #: 1.6

Date Released: 2013-08-21

Developer: Wanman

Price: Free

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Have you ever envied your friend’s Facebook profile pic? Ever wondered why such an amazing pose din’t come to your mind first? If so, Posegram can help.

This app does something which no one has ever done or even thought of. Posegram brings a huge collection of poses that will come out great in Profile pics, Group photos, Wedding albums or Portraits. This is not a mere heap of reference pics, but an app through the tedious process of capturing your finest photograph.

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Be the celebrity in your friend circle!

You’ll be surprised at how easy this app is to use. Tap on Pose and you’re presented with a quite elaborate list of Categories like women, glamour, cuteness, man, group, friends, children, lover, wedding, baby, family, body building, yoga and free-style. Huh! Select the scenario which suits you best and enter the world of poses. Find the perfect one and tap Camera to see something similar to this.

Posegram Review

The screen will show an outline for the desired pose. Toggle flash, change the aspect ratio, use a pic from the gallery, swipe between poses and pick any of the 18 filters. Now use the front camera or seek help from a friend or just guess, to be in the right style as the shutter blinks (the timer helps a lot if you’re alone). And there it is – your dream profile pic!

Once clicked, you can publish it over Posegram or post to Facebook and Twitter. Tap Home to view plenty of popular, funny, stylish and unique photos and other users. You can follow, like, comment or share them and connect with friends on other networks. Yes, I admit that it is a lot like Instagram but it is a good thing if you ask me.

The interface is plain with beautiful loading screens, push notifications and a comprehensive user guide. The iOS 7 inspired animations are quick to catch your eyes and makes the experience unique. In-app purchases, on the other hand, donot hinder the functionality for a normal user and earns respect. For 2 bucks, you could own unique poses, filters and borders.

In short, Posegram is a real simple and innovative app which can surely come in handy, whoever or wherever you are.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yep.

Learning Curve:NA.

Who Is It For:Anyone from professional mobile photographers to common users.

What I Like:The iOS 7 interface.

What I Don't Like:No iPad support.

Final Statement:The Instagram for poses.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Creative community to teach you posing like a model when taking photos with variable poses.

· 100% iOS 7 style interface is compatible with iOS 5/6/7;
· Just line up the sketch and copy the pose exactly to take photo easily;
· 506 poses have been drawn by easy outline and look real;
· Cool experience of taking photos with rich filters;
· Long press shutter button can start timer taking self-portrait;
· Creative, interesting and funny photo community.

From media:
"If I was a professional photographer I probably wouldn’t need this app, but I’m not, so I find it incredibly helpful. It will help inspire people to take some amazing photos – myself included!"

Honestly, it's really boring to make a pose like "say cheese" or take the same photo toward camera. In order to make a pose like model, you need to pay a lot in studio before, but now you can use Posegram to take professional photo easily.

In Posegram, you will find hundreds of poses, such as woman, man, glamour, children, family, friends, lover, wedding, yoga, bodybuilding and even pregnant poses. All poses have been drawn by easy outline and look real. Try to fill the outline with your body and get the better photo. Every month, we will put forward new poses in order to satisfy your sustained needs. Is it cool to follow Posegram to make all kinds of poses and upload your photos on Posegram with filter effect? You can share your photos and feelings in Posegram in order to make new friends, and share to Facebook and Twitter. We sincerely wish you have a new pose everyday.

Posegram provides you with a lot of way of fun. You can follow our outline to make a professional pose seriously, or take a very funny photo. We encourage people to outdo each other in one pose and see who is the most creative and whose photo is the most surprising.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our homepage posegram.com or contact us with this email: [email protected]

Posegram Team

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