Powerboat Challenge – Review

On November 26, 2008

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Powerboat Challenge – Review

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By: Powerboat Challenge

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-11-03

Developer: Lohr Fishlabs GmbH

Price: 1.99

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Powerboat Challenge is among the best games I have played on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The funny thing is, when I first downloaded it I didn’t like it at all. The problem was, having played games like Asphalt4 and Cro-Mag Racing, the steering in the game was not great. A short time later I realized that I was the problem, not the game– speedboats steer differently than cars. Once I got that through my head… I loved the game.

The graphics on the game are excellent and the variety within the game is enough to make it interesting.

The game offers four different islands with a number of different races per island. As is common in games like this, at first only one island is unlocked. As you progress, however, the other islands are unlcoked. Also similar to other racing games, as you accrue prize money you can trick out your board for greater speed and control. On each island there are a number of different types of races. There is the head-to-head competition, a time-trial competition, an eliminator race and a combination of them with the prize money going to the overall winner.

In each opf the races Powerboat Challenge has an element not found is the street-racing games I have played- bouys. It isn’t just that you need to get through the course but that, along the way, you have to go to one side or the other of the bouys. This adds a higher degree of challenge to even the simplist level.

In all, Powerboat Challenge has kept my attention over the first days of my vacation. I’ve played a level or two and put it down only to return to it a brief time later.

Quick Take

What I like– great graphics, challenging, enough variety in types of races to keep your interest after numerous "rounds"
What I don’t– I actually got through the game fast than I would like. Then again, I was playing on the easiest level.
Who is it for? Anyone who likes racing games
Skill level required– it is actually kind of challenging.Especially at first
Would I buy again– YES
Final statement
-one of the best iPhone games yet.  

Read the Developer's Notes:
The multi award-winning racing hit on water now also available on iPhone with even better 3D graphics and many hours gameplay: Pimp up your powerboat and go full throttle to compete against cool dudes and hot chicks in high-speed racing on twisted rivers. Different types of races held all around the world. These include lap races against three other boats, elimination races where the last boat in each lap drops out, and solo races against a time target for each course. Prove your drive style and pass the buoys correctly along the course to fill up your boost bar and ignite the turbo. In addition, you will also get style points for every skillfully rounded buoy. Earn enough style points and tuning sets will be unlocked, that you can then buy with your prize money from the races. Go to the shop and choose among bigger engines, chip tuning, fatter turbos, spoilers and such to beat even tougher opponents.
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