PrivacyScan for Mac OS X – Review

On March 14, 2012

App Type: Mac OS X

PrivacyScan for Mac OS X – Review

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We all worry about the private data we have on our computer in the event it gets stolen or is part of a federal investigation.  That’s where PrivacyScan comes in.  PrivacyScan checks your local browsers and other potential cookie-keepers and removes any possible data that could be compromising.

The program executes in very easy steps and in each step the program tells the user what it is doing.  The moment it runs, it scans your computer for the relevant applications and browsers on your Mac.  You can then select which sources you desire to delete the cookies of.  A good improvement for the application might be to describe exactly why each item is a security threat, but that could just be nitpicking.

Keep in mind that you could do all of this yourself without PrivacyScan.  However, to do so, you’d have to go to each individual browser, find the sources of your personal data and clean each of them.  PrivacyScan makes this entire process much more easy and does all the difficult work by locating the sources for you.

PrivacyScan couldn’t possibly be simpler to use.  Even if you end up having issues with your use of it, there is a very good help section to aid you.  The company behind it, SecureMac, offers 24 hour support in the event of further  problems that the help section can’t tackle.

If your’e the paranoid sort, which doesn’t necessarily mean everyone isn’t out to get you, then this app is for you.  PrivacyScan is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99.

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We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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