Puzzloop – Review

On August 31, 2008

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Puzzloop – Review

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By: Hudson Entertainment

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-08-04


Price: 7.99

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I could not believe it when a feeling of nostalgia came over me while playing Puzzloop.  The game brought back memories of my older house, when I did not have an iPhone and sat instead in front of my computer for hours at a time playing my all-time favorite game, Zuma.  Now, almost 5 years later, I can sit in my car, “Slide to Unlock” my iPhone, touch the screen, and play an even better version of Zuma: Puzzloop; “…the original” as Hudson calls it.

Puzzloop is an addictive loop puzzle game with a simple objective that is nevertheless challenging to play.  In the middle of the screen is a conductor, who with a wave of a baton sends random colored balls to wherever you touch.  If you get three or more balls of the same color to sit or touch each other in a constantly moving line that snakes through loops and circles to reach the center of the screen, they are eliminated.  If you manage to eliminate all the balls before they reach the center, you move on to the next stage.  If you don’t, you lose, and are given the chance to try the stage again.  Simple, right? Well, given that you manage to overcome all of the obstacles that appear randomly throughout the stages, sending balls back at you if you throw one at them, then yes, it is very simple.  But the game requires precise timing and aim in order to progress.  There are also helpful objects that you can send balls at in order to activate.  These include time-stoppers, slow motion metronomes, and some balls are even bombs, which destroy all the balls of the color you choose to throw them at.

The controls are actually simple. Touching the screen where you want the balls to be thrown to is all you have to do. 

The graphics are—colorful.  They are not the most advanced, but really one of the most attractive, as its classic-videogame-type animation is prone to bring back memories to others, as well (not just to me). 

If anything, Puzzloop is way more fun than Zuma, mostly due to its portability and playability.

Quick Take

Value: Provides hours of fun and challenge for a price that is totally worth it.

Would I Buy Again: If Puzzloop 2 ever came out, I’ll be glad to spend another $7.99.

Learning Curve: Low

Who is it for: Absolutely everyone who is looking for a quick game to play when bored.

What I like: Easy controls.

What I Don’t: A little bit difficult to progress, but definitely not a serious drawback.

Final Statement:
If you’re looking for a quick, classic game to play, look no further.  Hudson does an excellent job at proving why it is the best at recreating the loop puzzle game it released 10 years ago.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Introducing the ORIGINAL loop puzzle, Puzzloop! First released in 1998, this game's success led to a lot of clones; once you play, you'll see why Puzzloop is still the best..

In this addicting and easy-to-pick up puzzle game, you eliminate balls that roll along a rail.
Tap the touchscreen where you want the ball to go and connect three or more balls of the same color to eliminate them.

As you clear balls, nearby remaining balls will move towards each other to reconnect the chain. If three or more of the same color reconnect, they'll also clear, causing a combo and bonus points!

It's ‘game over' when the balls reach the end and run into your character. Solve Puzzloop before it makes you loopy!O U R   T A K E . . .

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