Queuetastic – Review

On December 20, 2008

As I was finishing up this series I received an e-mail about Queuetastic,  yet another application for managing your Netflix queue list. Since I was hoping to be as complete as possible I refrain from hitting the "publish" button on the conclusion and downloaded the application. I’m glad I did.

This is a great example of creating an app that is simple to use but complete. It doesn’t include the fancy, but often unnecessary, "extras" like e-mailing your friends or twittering. It doesn’t even give you direct access to you to previews for the movie. But what it does do it does well. And it provides all the functions that are really important if you wan to  managed you are Netflix queue from your iPhone or iPod touch.


On the bottom of the application are for icons. "At home" gives you a quick view of which movies are currently at home and which were recently returned to Netflix. The "search" icon lets you quickly search the Netflix library. The "disk queue" icon shows you your current queue and allows you to change the order of the queue by either tapping the "top" icon and jumping the movie to the top of the list or tapping "edit" and then rearranging them in whatever order you might like. The fourth icon is "instant queue". Yes, this application gives equal weight and importance to your instant queue as it does your physical disk queue.
What I like about this application is that it immediately brings you to your queues and presents each movie in a simple, large view. When you tap any of the movies it shows you the DVD box image, the movie associations rating, the Netflix user rating and a brief synopsis. And that’s it.
Again, it offers no bells and whistles but what it does do is provide quick access and easy management to both your disk queue and your instant queue and it does so for the reasonable price of $.99.
Quick take
What I buy it again: Perhaps
Difficulty in usage: Very low. This is one of the easier applications when it comes to accessing your queue and managing it.
What I like: Offers those features that are necessary in order to manage and add to your queue and none of the features that are necessary for the task
What I don’t: The number of times while initially using the application and hung up. It seemed to work better after a time but it was the first of all the applications they’d used that even stuttered a little  bit.
Summary: This application actually has a lot going for it as a Netflix queue management application. Its easy-to-use, gives access to information on your current and recently returned DVDs, and it (thankfully) gives equal weight to the physical disk queue in the instant disc you. And $.99 it’s reasonably priced and does what it needs to do.

 You can find it HERE in the App Store.